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The BHive app uses OCR technology to allow manufacturing facilities to take smartphone photos of chemical product labels, and within seconds identify which products meet the sustainability requirements of many brands/retailers. Upon upload, all scanned chemicals are cross-referenced with The BHive’s database—currently backed by over 65,000 chemical products—and the system automatically generates a full and accurate chemical inventory. Facilities can then see which chemicals they should keep using and which they should phase out—all at a glance.

With The BHive, technical expertise isn't required to gather data on the factory side, or to interpret it on the brand side. Brands and retailers already using The BHive are most excited about their new ability to see chemical data from various supply chain partners all collected in one place, and the way the system lets them instantly and visually assess compliance levels.


User Confirmations:
By using The BHive, I certify that I understand and agree with the User Requirements, Data Liability Statement, and Privacy Policy.

The BHive User Requirements
I understand that The BHive must only be used on the factory premises, and must not be used on any outside premises or for any products that are not used by the facility holding this license.

The BHive Data Liability Statement
I understand that GoBlu is not legally responsible for the accuracy of the information aggregated on The BHive. The BHive does not replace existing chemical or product verification or testing processes required by the various standards/initiatives included on the platform. The BHive users are solely responsible for following the existing verification procedure for each standard-holder/initiative as needed to meet their individual requirements.

The BHive Privacy Policy
I understand that GoBlu might use the data gathered via The BHive anonymously and in an aggregated format for statistical purpose. GoBlu will not share the data with any third party unless agreed by the facility.

IMPORTANT: By downloading the app, you are agreeing with the terms written above.


版本 2.3.3

- Fixes label scan

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