iPad 截屏


The Receptionist for iPad offers a sleek first point of contact for your office visitors. Make your guests feel welcome and put visitors directly in contact with the person they are there to see -- all while improving office security.

-Customized look and feel
-Two-way messaging
-Custom voice audio prompts
-Email notifications
-Photo & Image capture
-Badge printing
-NDAs & legal agreements
-ITAR compliance
-Delivery notification
-Online configuration dashboard
-Cloud-based visitor log (with CSV downloading)

Get up and running with your Receptionist online in minutes.

“Before choosing The Receptionist for iPad we tried 3 other major Visitor Management software systems. Out of all of them, The Receptionist for iPad was by far the easiest to set up… None of the other systems tested came close to being competitive in regard to cost and customer service.”
- TDK-Lambda


版本 4.8.2

* Added an arrow to point to the camera when a visitor is taking a photo
* Improved face detection and motion detection accuracy and performance
* Fixed various crashes when attempting to select a contact

App 隐私

开发者“Los Trigos, Inc”已表明该 App 的隐私规范可能包括了下述的数据处理方式。有关更多信息,请参阅开发者隐私政策



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  • 家人共享

    启用“家人共享”后,此 App 最多可供 6 名家庭成员使用。