TimeRecorder 4+


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TimeRecorder is a simple application that records clicking. Every time you click the button on the window, the elapsed time from the start of measurement time is recorded. The number of clicks per second is displayed in the window, and you can further export it in CSV / TSV format.


版本 3.0.0

New Features
- Handle more precise time.
- Add a feature to display the list of stamped times.
- Add a feature to edit time.
- Add a feature to change the watch speed.
- Enable removing the selected rows in the time stamp table.
- Enable copying selected rows in the table.
- Enable to undo/redo the stamp list modification.
- Add English (United Kingdom) localization.

- Change the system requirement to macOS 13 and later.
- Enable selecting multiple table rows.
- Auto-scroll the table when stamping.
- Restore the elapsed time from the last session.
- Resize the default window size.
- Align table values to the right.

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