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TrackerHome Company Limited is a unique tracking company that provides Installation of tracking Device and the Monitoring of movable assets like Cars, Vans, Tractors, Motor Bikes, Tricycles, etc. for its cherished customers. TrackerHome is the only car tracking company in Ghana, West Africa that, in addition to tracking and monitoring, also provides 24/7 Roadside Emergency Assistant and Mechanical Services to its clients. No other tracking company in Ghana does that, thus, makes us unique. The monitoring team runs a Shift system, whose sole duty is to monitor the movement of movable Asset while our clients are asleep. They do not only monitor but keep you informed on the movement of your Asset 24/7. TrackerHome is always at your service in times of need on the road with following Roadside Assistance Service: We rescue you on the road by rendering you 24/7 Mobile Mechanic Services, Crash Response and Towing Service during a breakdown on a major road to your home or our workshop where we have the state of the art Equipment and very Qualify staff to put you back on the road the quickest. We also provide you 24/7 Emergency Fuel Delivery Service, 24/7 Emergency Battery Jump and Emergency Flat Tire Change Services at your request anywhere and anytime. The best of all is, where at the comfort of your home or workplace you can request a thorough Car Wash Service, Oil Change, Tire Change and any other Mechanic Services. Since its inception in 2016, our promise to our clients is to guarantee Security and Safety. TrackerHome has so far attained hundred percent (100%) Retrieval Rate, thus endearing us to our cherished customers. TrackerHome is gradually becoming a household name in Ghana and this has made us the number one preferred car tracking company in Ghana.

2.1- Information Needed

Please provide details regarding the “Insurance” feature in your app

Answer: In Ghana Insurance is for collusion and theft only, Trackerhome has partner with an insurance company to bring an insurance package that will include Breakdown, Towing, Servicing. The value of the car is calculated by the year of the car , the year the car was registered in Ghana and the price the car was purchase at . After the insurance company, our partner, gives the quote of the insurance then TrackerHome will add the TrackerHome package which include Roadside Emergency Assistance, Towing , Servicing and Tracking to the insurance quote and propose it to the customer.

- Why do users have to provide their contact details and address information when signing up?

Answer: Trackerhome ask our users for contact details and address information because we give daily tracking update to our users through calls or Text. TrackerHome provides in-house services, Users can schedule Car Servicing and Car Wash at the comfort of their home or work place through the app therefore we need the users address to provide these services. Our services are only available in Ghana.

- How do users obtain the trackers?

Answer: User has to contact the Trackerhome through the app, phone or email if they are interested in our tracking device. TrackerHome will go to the user provided address to install the tracking device or the user can come to any of the TrackerHome offices for the installation.

- Do users have to pay to use the service? Please provide details

Answer: Yes the user has to pay for the tracking device but not through the app. TrackerHome has two types of payment plan, One time payment or an installment payment for the tracking device. No payment is done on the App. The App is only use for requesting service, tracking and checking out our inventory.


版本 1.3

New UI desing.


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