UnitCalc 4+

Lee C. Baker

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Note: if you are having issues with installing or running the latest version, email me and I'll make sure you're taken care of: lee@leecbaker.com.

UnitCalc is an easy-to-use advanced calculator for performing real world calculations. By tracking the units of each quantity, UnitCalc is able to give you results that make the most sense for you calculations.

* Advanced scientific calculator functions, including trignometric, logarithm, and exponential functions
* UnitCalc correctly carries your units, even through complex expressions
* Hundreds of real-world units- from meters and tablespoons to volts, torr and webers
* Text based interface allows natural entry of equations- familiar to those who have used Matlab (tm), Maple (tm), or other scientific tools
* Highly accurate calculations, with up to 30 digits of precision - in many cases exact!
* Built in constants that are useful in many fields
* Calculation history log keeps a record of your work, so you can review calcualtions later
* Real time calculation shows you results as you type
* Autocompletion allows for quicker typing of function and variable names


版本 1.1

* Upgraded evaluation engine to provide more accurate results more of the time
* Error messages are now more informative
* Variables that you have defined are now shown on list on side
* British spellings for metre, litre, etc are now valid
* Can now take units to integral powers- eg, m^2 for square meters
* Trig functions now accept inputs in either radians, degrees, or dimensionless inputs
* New units: thou, chain, league, fathom,cable, nautical mile, link, rod, chain, kilopond, pound-force, poundal, horsepower, townships, sections, kips, molarity, molality- in total, over 230 new units, abbreviations and spellings
* Volume units for US and imperial systems are now fixed
* Units are now displayed with correct plurality
* Many bug fixes

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