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A Spanish language app to help improve your mood.

Have you been feeling tired, bored, frustrated, angry, or depressed? Have you been isolating yourself and not doing things that used to bring you joy? ¡Aptívate! will help you to accomplish your goals, one step at a time. By doing things that are important to you and enjoyable, your mood will improve over time.

¡Aptívate! is based on a popular, evidence-based therapy for depression called Behavioral Activation. Behavioral Activation is one of the most researched treatments for low mood as well as anxiety and stress. The developers of ¡Aptívate! have led numerous research studies evaluating Behavioral Activation all over the world.

User Testimonials
“I really liked using the app. I liked the fact that it brought to my attention what was important to me and what I want to accomplish. On the days when I accomplished those things my mood was much better than on the days I didn't accomplish those things.”

“I liked the fact that it helped me to be accountable. I knew that I had a task I had to accomplish and using the app helped keep me focused.”

“When I felt myself becoming irritable, I used the app and tried to apply my values to improve my mood.”

“I like when I got rewards, badges and things. It made me feel like I accomplished things. Sometimes that's all you need, someone to give you a push.”


Versión 2.1.4

* Bug fix for an iOS11 change


Behavioral Activation Tech, LLC
34.8 MB

Requiere iOS 10.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Inglés

Información médica y de tratamiento infrecuente/moderada
$ 18.900,00


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