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Stream or download healing qigong exercises with cancer survivor and qigong master Helen Liang.
• Stimulate Your Natural Healing With Qigong
• Easy-to-follow instructions, done sitting or standing
• Mirror view demonstrations from side to side
Qigong for Cancer: Healing and Prevention is an easy, follow-along workout for beginners. Master Helen, a cancer survivor herself, guides you through a series of gentle moves to gradually stimulate your body’s natural healing.
Commonly taught in major hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic, John’s Hopkins, and many others, Qigong is a series of simple stretches and deep breathing exercises used to help improve your recovery. Qigong can stimulate your immune system, reduce pain, improve your sleep, and help you to feel better.
The American Cancer Society, the World Cancer Research Fund, the American Institute for Cancer Research, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the US Department of Health and Human Services all advocate physical activity for cancer patients and survivors. Qigong for Cancer will empower you to feel more energized and peaceful.
Three primary points of the Qigong Methodology:

Learn to oxygenate your entire body on a cellular level.
Western scientific studies show that oxygen may be an effective cancer-killer, able to slow or even stop cancer from spreading.
Qigong oxygenates your entire body by combining deep breathing with full-range-of-motion exercises, bringing oxygen deep into your body, and all the way out to the extremities.

Relieve Qi stagnation from your entire body on a cellular level.
Western science explains that when your body doesn’t get enough exercise, your cells can start using sugar as energy instead of oxygen, which ‘ferments’ and begins the spread of cancer.
Qigong theory describes this as stagnation. An area that is stagnant is the location where an injury or illness will manifest.

Qigong increases your circulation without “burning” energy.
Western science shows that exercise recycles the oxygen in your body, refreshing your blood chemistry and delivering nutrition and energy throughout the body.
Qigong is a combination of exercise and meditation with a focus on optimal circulation. This mobilizes all of the beneficial blood chemistry without consuming it with heavy activity, making you more energized than when you began, unlike conventional exercise.

Modern cancer studies show that exercise and meditation are beneficial and should be practiced daily to speed recovery and improve your daily quality of life. The art of Qigong combines exercise and meditation into an easy and efficient method to stimulate your immune system, reduce pain, improve your sleep, and help you to feel better.
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