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RPN-67 NP is the non-programmable version of RPN-67 Pro, the first complete simulation of Hewlett-Packard's HP-67 legendary programmable calculator for iOS. Produced from 1976 to 1982, the HP-67's capability to store programs on magnetic cards, wide array of functions, merged keycodes, indirect addressing and other enhancements made it a huge success among scientists, engineers and other professionals. Thousands of programs were written for it.

RPN-67 NP allows you to run, but not modify, five sample program cards. It also lacks the program creation and card management features of the Pro version, as well as its massively expanded array of functions and operations. Apart from these restrictions, RPN-67 NP is a very capable vintage scientific calculator.


• "Live" display of stack, memory registers, program counter, flags
• Virtual paper tape printer
• E-mail paper tape, or print it via AirPrint
• Cut/copy/paste display value
• 30 selectable background images, even add your own

More features the HP-67 never offered:

• Non-volatile memory - stack, registers, program
• Status indicators for prefix keys (f, g, h, STO, RCL, GTO, DSP)
• Keycode-to-command translation while single-stepping a program
• Cancel SST or BST operation by sliding your finger off the depressed key

All advanced features may switched off with a single setting, allowing you to experience a real HP-67 as closely as possible.

Pre-installed program cards of RPN-67 NP include "Calendar Functions", "Annuities and Compound Amounts", "Vector Operations", "Triangle Solutions", and "Circle Computations", all part of the HP Standard Pac that came with the original HP-67.

The Pro version has been verified to correctly run the examples given in HP Business Decisions Pac, HP Civil Engineering Pac I, HP Clinical Lab Pac, HP E.E. Pac I, HP Games Pac I, HP Math Pac I, HP M.E. Pac I, HP Navigation Pac I, HP Stat Pac I, HP Surveying Pac I, as well as large number of programs published in Users' Library Solutions.

For more information visit the RPN-67 website:


Versión 2.7

• Name change of the app

• Access RPN-67 homepage directly from the info screen

• In vintage mode, loading a card produces the sound of a real HP-67's motor

• Fixed: app freezing after setting mode switch to position W/PRGM


Willy Kunz
38 MB

Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPad.





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