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We all have our own beliefs, some are backed by faith and some are backed by quantum physics. Everything in existence is vibrating at its own frequency, us humans are the same. By stimulating the right and left side of your brain you’re able to use these frequencies for various things. You can shift into the reality that you want, you can heal certain parts that may cause discomfort. This spiritual energy work translates into the physical, your consistency will determine your future. We are in a new age, all of our realities are shifting in front of our eyes. Theres a mass awakening happening, and I created this app to do my part in speeding up that process. Thank you


Versión 1.0.9

- Grabovoi Numbers page removed
- Replaced with a whole new guide to spirituality
- Recommend taking 15-20 minutes out your daily life to read
- Topics include: Meaning of Spirituality, Some practices, Guide to Crystals, Information on all Chakras, 12 Laws of the Universe, Angel Numbers

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