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Dear job seeker as its name suggests Hemenis is urgent job openings!
You can find nearby job opportunities, you can define your working terms as well as post job search advert!

Dear employer, we did not leave you aside! Your are the other half of this application. You can find nearby & suitable candidates or evaluate the applications with comparing the applicants's suitability to your requirements.

To cut the long story short, Hemenis is a platform matching the job seekers and employers in a fast, efficient and safe fashion.
Hemenis will enable its users to have freedom to choose your working terms and conditions when you can earn money from even your hobbies.

And there is more! you can be a job seeker and at the same time you can hire others. do you want to know how?
let's say you are a software developer and you don't always have enough time to take your dog out for long walks.
You are one of us. You can on the one hand, look for a job for yourself and on the other hand you can find a nearby dog walker who can accomplish this need of your little friend and hire a dog walker through Hemenis. You can add further examples.
You are an executive and you are looking for a pilates instructor, you are a teacher and you need a child minder.

Engineer, yoga instructor, lawyer, waitress/waiter, executive, teacher, student, advertiser, carer, retired, house wife, white collar, blue collar, everybody from different walks of life and professions can meet in Hemenis. You can download it now, register yourself, add the pertinent information about yourself or the candidate that you require and you will be ahead of the crowd by using Hemenis.

Full-time, part-time, flexible/freelance, project based, one time only, etc. jobs are all in Hemenis.
The Hemenis application targeting to change the rules of working life awaits you to discover how it can help fulfill the needs of the working population. When you establish you work-life balance with Hemenis you can get rid of heavy traffic, you can be more ecological friendly, you can increase your efficiency and enlarge your comfort zone.

Are you retired? Come here. Your previous experiences might be of good use in the next door John's shop.
Are you a house wife? Come here. We believe that you might take very good care of your neighbors's child.
Are you a student? Come here. You can work in one of the following festivities that you enjoyed.
Are you a software developer? Come here. You shining star, you know there are a lot of opportunities for you in the sector.
Are you a financial consultant? Come here. Everybody needs you more than ever.

People form all walks of life, job seekers and employers are in Hemenis, Hemenis is in your pocket.
You can post as many adverts as you like, find nearby jobs and most suitable candidates from the map.

Come on discover Hemenis immediately!


Versión 5.9.4

The issue happens when social media login/signup have been fixed.

Privacidad de la app

El desarrollador (Net Danışmanlık) indicó que, entre las prácticas de privacidad de la app, pueden incluirse el manejo de datos que se describe a continuación. Para obtener más información, consulta la política de privacidad del desarrollador.

Datos usados para rastrearte

Los siguientes datos pueden usarse para rastrearte en apps y sitios web que son propiedad de otras empresas:

  • Información de contacto
  • Identificado­res

Datos asociados con tu identidad

Los siguientes datos pueden recopilarse y asociarse con tu identidad:

  • Información de contacto
  • Contenido de usuario
  • Identificado­res
  • Datos de uso

Datos no asociados con tu identidad

Los siguientes datos pueden recopilarse, pero no están asociados con tu identidad:

  • Ubicación
  • Información de contacto
  • Contenido de usuario
  • Diagnóstico
  • Otros datos

Las prácticas de privacidad pueden variar; por ejemplo, según tu edad o las funciones que uses. Más información


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