Lamoda: одежда и обувь онлайн


Whether you already know what you want or don’t have a clue yet, you’ll probably find something to your liking in Lamoda’s catalogue of 6 million items. The shopping app can dress anyone, even your home thanks to its selection of living accessories. And there’s no shortage of special offers and seasonal sales.

Available to fashionistas from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus, the app allows you to make your next trend-setting purchase with Apple Pay.

First, let’s deal with the essentials. Shipping in the aforementioned four countries is available for free. So, if when you get your item, try it on and find that it’s not a match, you can return it with no extra shipping cost.

If you know what you want...

Image search
Imagine this: you’re reading a fashion blog or browsing social media and spot an outfit you’re completely in love with. Use Lamoda to upload a photo of the outfit and the app will recognise it, then offer suggestions for similar outfits that it carries in its store.

Getting fit
No, you didn’t just jump into another story here on Today! Lamoda really helps with your fitness goals too. While it’s fun to dress up, being active is an excuse to wear something completely different, yet stylish. In the app’s sports catalogue there are collections for yoga, running, boxing and much more.

Travel more
Surely now you’re reading a different story? But no! Lamoda regularly features competitions (found in its news feed) with prizes for winners such as trips to fashion shows abroad.

If you don’t know what you want...

Read more
Head to the Trends section of the app, which is not only packed with articles about all the latest trends, but also handy style tips. Read up on the essentials for the season, what cosmetics (available to buy in the app) you can take onboard a flight or discover the latest nail colour trends.

Filter it
Once you’ve been suitably inspired, use filters to find what you want! Just go to the catalogues for women, men and children, which have twelve filters each. You can search by price, on-sale items, size, popularity and more.

And that’s not all...
If you don’t know what to gift your beloved ones on those special occasions, purchase a gift certificate in the app and share the Lamoda joy!

    Lamoda: одежда и обувь онлайн