Afterlight Photo Editor

Vintage Filters For Pictures


Choosing a photo filter for your latest social media post is pretty complicated these days. Never mind whether you’re going for something faded or lurid, retro or modern, the first decision is which of your many photo editing apps to use.

Filters are sorted by colour so you can quickly find your favourites.

Well, it may sound counterintuitive, but adding the new Afterlight 2 to your suite of editors will help you with this problem. Thanks to a handy extension for your Photos app, you can use Afterlight 2 to edit your pictures straight from your camera roll, without ever having to open up the Afterlight 2 app itself.

Want more filters? Tap the triangle icon in the bottom centre, then browse Collections to find more free filters.

Afterlight 2 has some other helpful shortcuts too. All the standard filters that existed in the original Afterlight are now colour-coded by style to make them easier to find.

Meanwhile, the Fusion function is the perfect time-saver for those of us who like to make small adjustments ourselves, rather than use a stock filter. The app will record all the little edits you make to a photo and save them as a custom filter, to be used for future pictures.

The new Collection function allows you to download custom filters made by well-regarded photographers – just in case you don’t think your own editing skills are up to scratch.

You’ll want to #YesFilter, every time.