Create a successful brand

Essential apps for fashion designers.

From being creative to keeping up to date with the latest trends and staying mindful of sustainability, there’s a lot to think about when you’re a fashion designer. To equip yourself with all the tools you need to make your brand a success, check out these apps.

Be inspired

Paris, London, Milan, New York… the Fashion Week shows are the perfect place to find inspiration and stay abreast of international trends for the next season. With Vogue Runway, you can enjoy – live or at a time that suits you – all your favourite runway shows without having to leave the house. You can also create mood boards of your favourite looks and collections.

Shape your creations

Make sketching out your designs quick (and easily editable) with Prêt-à-Template. It houses a huge range of patterns and templates that can be adjusted as you wish to shape your creations. You can view your mannequins from the front, side and back – which can help with understanding proportions – collaborate with other designers on the same sketch or use your images to make prints too.

Capture your ideas with this user-friendly, style-centric app.

Check sustainability

Ensuring your designs are ethically produced aids the planet and appeals to your environment-conscious customers. Good On You provides a sustainability rating for various brands, based on their environmental responsibility and production methods. If the rating is low, it offers consumers similar, more sustainable alternative brands. Use it to check out competitors and learn how to make your brand as sustainable as possible.

Play with colour

Time to add some colour! Head to Pantone Studio to create or choose the perfect shade for your garments. Find inspiration, select colour Harmonies or mix shades, then share your finished colour with co-workers and clients or on your social networks. With Pantone Studio you can make totally unique shades and create a precise colour reference for your manufacturer.

Get inspired by the colourful images shared by others.