If you ❤️ football

To some, it’s a culture in itself. To others, it’s that sports thing with a round ball, a goal and a lot of people running around on a green field. But no matter what your level of interest in football is, there’s no denying it can be hugely entertaining.

We’ve picked some of the best fun football games for you to play around with; and for some of the major players in the genre, take a look at the games at the bottom of this story – we think you might know them already! And if playing these stirs a new-found passion for the beautiful game, we’ve got some suggestions on where to watch real matches.

Try your hand at managing

An action-filled season is about to kick off in Women’s Soccer Manager, so pick your dream team, devise your strategy and be the mastermind behind your players’ match-winning glory. The game includes real football leagues, as well as loads of local clubs, and the sleek interface will completely immerse you in the electrifying drama of every match.

    Women's Soccer Manager

    Soccer Manager Game


A fresh approach

We’ve seen friends (who swear they’re not into football) become uncharacteristically enthusiastic when they talk about their latest online victory in Score! Match. With its smart drag-to-shoot gameplay mechanic blending turn-based and real-time action, it’s not hard to see why they’re fans.

    Score! Match

    The ultimate PvP soccer game!


Going retro

If you prefer a more old-school (and pixelated) vibe to your gaming sessions, then look no further than Pixel Cup Soccer 16. Friendly matches, party modes, competitions and penalty kicks all feature in the game’s line-up, and for those new to the genre, simpler controls are an option.

    Pixel Cup Soccer 16



Customise and manage

If you’ve a penchant for stats, tactics and plenty of customisation when it comes to your football action, Dream League Soccer 2019 is, well, the dream. With licensed superstars from FIFPro™, you’re challenged to manage your team and try to lead them to sweet success.

Cartoony animal superstars

If you ask us what’s missing from football fields these days we’d probably say mammoths, tigers and chickens. And that’s why we’re head over heels for Rumble Stars Football. For colourful cartoon-style action, lots of laughs and charming sound effects, this is multiplayer football at its finest (and craziest).

    Rumble Stars Football

    Real-Time Animal PvP Matches!


Japanese sim action

Are you a fan of anime-style looks and something a bit different? How about combining both with that round ball and green field? The masters of the sim genre have returned with a sequel to their popular Pocket League Story and you’re in for quite the thrilling sporting fixture.

    Pocket League Story 2



Team spirit

Tiki Taka Soccer takes mobile football sessions to a new level with its super simple controls, and an energetic, engaging experience that includes hiring trainers, fitness coaches and even accountants. After all, you’ll need that victory for your players, sure, but also for the financial health of your club.

    Tiki Taka Soccer



Anime and manga takes to the field

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is based on Yōichi Takahashi’s famous manga series from the ’80s, which has made the leap from paper to our TV screens and now to our iOS devices. This feels more like a tactical role-playing game, so expect lots of powers to manage and tough decisions to tackle.

    Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

    Multiplayer Football Game


    FIFA Football

    The world's football game.


    eFootball PES 2020

    Authentic football action!


    Top Eleven Manager 2020

    Lead your football club!