Password security is key

Three apps that will manage your login details.

Have you ever thought of parking your car on the street and then just taping the doors shut instead of actually locking it? Of course not. So why leave yourself open to potential scams online with passwords that just aren’t up to the task of keeping your information secure?

It’s tempting to use the same password multiple times, after all, trying to memorise dozens of login IDs and password combinations can be a headache – you’re probably no stranger to tapping that ‘Forgotten your password?’ button! But one of the best ways to stay secure online is to use different, unique passwords for every service you use. To help you out, try using one of these password management apps to protect your online presence.


As its name implies, 1Password is a neat tool that securely stores all your passwords behind just one password that can be used across multiple platforms including iOS and Mac. The URLs of major services are registered in the app, making it easy to store your user ID and password for that service.

More than just as a password management tool, 1Password can manage other important information as well.

1Password is more than just a password manager though; it can store important IDs and numbers such as bank accounts, driving licences, passports, membership cards, addresses and more, so everything is in one safe place. It’s also suitable for family and team accounts and the app’s Watchtower feature alerts you when your information has been exposed.

    1Password - Password Manager

    Generate & keep passwords safe


Dashlane Password Manager

Another password management tool that can be used across iOS and Mac devices, Dashlane Password Manager autofills information such as your address, birth date and credit card number when shopping online thanks to a special browser you can use from within the app. Other functions include being able to generate new, more secure passwords in seconds (saving you the trouble of manually changing them) and secure document storage.

Dashlane Password Manager has several useful auto input and password safety management functions.

Dashlane Password Manager also monitors your password health in its Identity Dashboard, giving you a breakdown of how secure your passwords are. The app also lets you privately share passwords with others when you need to.

    Dashlane – Password Manager

    Safe and easy account access


oneSafe 4 password manager

This is password security of the highest level. oneSafe 4 password manager locks and bolts your passwords with features like Touch ID and Face ID, auto-lock and intrusion detection to name a few. Using the strongest encryption available for mobile devices, the app can also be used to store documents, photos, credit card numbers, bank account details and more. And while the app is a powerhouse of security behind the scenes, its user-friendly layout makes it easy to navigate and customise.

    oneSafe+ password manager

    Fort Knox in your pocket!


All three of these password management tools have functions for determining rules such as the number of characters and whether to include numbers when automatically generating passwords. By configuring a master password for confirming other passwords in the app, you only need to remember one and since each app supports Touch ID and Face ID, with compatible models, you don’t even need to manually enter that password each time.

If you’ve never used a password management app before, it’s time to protect your information under the strongest lock and key.