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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, powerful photo & video editor and camera app that empowers you to capture and edit stunning images.

Lightroom offers easy-to-use photo & video editing tools like sliders to retouch your images, apply photo filters, fine-tune backgrounds, and use transformative presets to quickly add unique adjustments that bring your photos to life wherever you are – all in one app.

• Make quick and easy edits with free preset filters for all your pictures
• Upgrade your aesthetic with 200+ exclusive Premium Presets created by professional photographers
• Let AI suggest the perfect preset for your photo with Recommended Presets
• Create your own look and save it as a preset filter for easy application to any picture

• Instantly improve your photos in a tap with Lightroom’s auto editor
• Use precision sliders to adjust all your light settings like contrast, exposure, highlights, and shadows
• Create eye-popping edits with the color mixer and color grading tools
• Use the photo enhancer to change up your photos’ look and feel with the clarity, texture, dehaze, and grain sliders
• Crop & rotate your photo to get the perfect composition
• Use curves to make advanced edits to highlights, midtones, shadows, and color
• Use Versions to experiment with comparing different edits without losing the original
• Unlock your phone’s potential with unique controls like exposure, timer, instant presets & more
• Get more detailed shots with advanced capture modes like raw, professional, and HDR

• Access Premium video editing features & unlock a world of possibilities with our photo & video editor
• Utilize Lightroom’s popular photo editing features to edit captivating videos
• Apply presets, edit, trim & retouch videos with precision sliders to fine-tune contrast, highlights, vibrance & more

Take your photography to the next level with the Lightroom Premium photo & video editor! Upgrade & unlock easy-to-use tools like exclusive presets, Healing Brush, masking, geometry, cloud storage & more with an intuitive picture editor.

• Adobe Lightroom has now expanded into an easy-to-use photo & video editing app with a range of exciting, customizable features
• No longer just for photos, Lightroom’s new Premium video editor brings the same top-quality photo editing features that users love to video
• Use amazing video filters just like you would for pictures with our unique photo & video enhancer
• Access 200+ hand-crafted premium presets created by professional photographers & picture editors
• Let AI recommend presets that will work best with your photos
• Become a pro video maker: trim & edit videos utilizing an all-in-one photo & video editor
• Retouch & remove objects or distracting elements with the Healing Brush
• Create masks to edit a specific area of a photo without impacting the rest of the image. Lightroom AI makes life easy by automatically selecting the sky or subject of your photo to edit further
• Lightroom web galleries let you showcase your photos online. Photo & video edits sync seamlessly, so any editing changes you make in the app are always up-to-date
• Share your edits and creative process with other users in the Discover section

Terms & Conditions:
Your use of this application is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use ( and the Adobe Privacy Policy (

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Verze 8.0.1

• [Premium] Adaptive presets: Transform specific areas of photos using the power of masking in presets. Make the sky look like sunrise or storm clouds, and your subject pop in one tap. Plus, our new adaptive presets for portraits allow you to instantly enhance your portraiture (or selfies!), including enhancing eyes, smoothing hair, and more. Available on iPhone XS/XS Max, iPhone 11, iPad Pro (2nd generation), iPad Air (4th Generation) and newer (excluding iPhone XR & SE 2).
• [Premium] Healing: Removing blemishes & distractions is easier than ever with the addition of content-aware remove. With the entirely new design and technology, simply swipe your finger over the area you want to remove, and Lightroom will intelligently fill in removed blemishes based on surrounding content.
• [Premium] Additional video enhancements, including recommended presets and color grading to take your videos to the next level
• [Premium] Support for the latest cameras and lenses found in the Adobe Camera Raw 15 release (the full list of supported cameras and lenses can be found at
• Bug fixes and stability improvements

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Hodnocení: 2,6 tis.

Jiras.K ,

Add subtract masks from each other

New redesigned masking is awesome. But what i missing is subtracting masks from each other. For example: I made mask 1 and made edits on it (added brushes on it etc.). Then i made mask 2 and made edits on it (added brushes on it etc.) and then i want simply substract whole “Mask 2” (with sublayers) from whole “Mask 1” (with sublayers). There in no such option for do that. I can subtract only predefined subtracting presets (like gradiendt, radial erc.). So pls add this substract function. It would be nice. Thanks. :)

Odpověď vývojáře ,

I think what you mean is the Intersect function in Lightroom Classic. There is not a specific command for it in Lightroom Mobile but it can be done by using Subtract + Invert. Here's how:
Cheers! /rs

Snouted Cobra ,

New version

The newest version doesnt work. Previous version was very fast , newone loads edit funktion very slowly, about 10 minutes for one photo in JPEG

Deriathan ,

No support

Most annoying problem is that it is not syncing over cellular data, even when it is set in configuration. Also gets the collection names only from the last level. For example when I have collection set “My pet” with subcollection Raw (other is JPEG), the final name for mobile LR will be Raw. So I have like ten Raw albums in LR cc and it is hard do tell which one is from what collection set.

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