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Meet the updated version of Commander One 2.0 with more connections, more features, improved functionality, support for Dark Mode and many more. We never stop improving our software making it faster, more convenient and powerful. Reach a high level of file management on Mac!

Commander One is a free dual panel file manager that helps you manage your files in the best possible way. Fast and powerful, yet so easy to use, it offers essential features for absolute control over your files and folders - it can save you thousands of hours. Commander One was created in Swift and is fully compatible with OS X 10.12.

“Commander One looks like a great app to have on your Mac if you’re frustrated with OS X’s built-in file management.”

”Once it’s installed, you get dual pane browsing, unlimited tabs, a variety of sorting options, an easy toggle for revealing hidden files, and more. It also adds a handful of new keyboard shortcuts to make moving files around a little less painful. If you’re not a fan of how Finder does things, Commander One’s a more than capable alternative.”

Dual panel interface:
-Classical dual panel appearance with the possibility to set your own color theme and fonts;
-Choose the Dark Mode to keep up with the times (available starting from 10.14 only);
-Unlimited tabs for opening as many folders as needed;
-Three view modes for convenient work with different types of files: Full, Brief, and Thumbs.

Easy navigation and display:
-Show hidden files with one click;
-Queue file operations including those already in progress;
-Drag and drop files and folders;
-Rename files and folders when moving them.

Various search methods:
-Built-in search with regular expressions support;
-Search by file contents;
-Spotlight search.

There is so much more about Commander One that can simplify your work routine:
-Archive and extract files and open ZIP as regular folders;
-Work with .ipa, .apk, .jar, .ear, .war files as with regular folders;
-Preview all types of files, including Hex and Binary, before opening them;
-Set up hotkeys for most frequently used operations;
-Use brief mode to see and manage many files at once;
-Get quick and easy access to the folders that are open or you use the most through History and Favorites;
-Process viewer;
-Detect over the network and conveniently list computers that use NetBIOS protocol;
-Select the program to open the file using 'Open with' in main menu - File or via the context menu;
-Configure the appearance of the built-in preview;
-Ability to benefit from Finder Tags;
-Select UI language in preferences.

**Commander One also has PRO version now available via in-app purchase**

Extra benefits offered by Commander One PRO!
*FTP, SFTP, and FTPS Manager with the possibility to change file permissions via these protocols
*RAR support with extracting, full access and search
*TarGz with compressing, extracting, search, and full access
*7zip with compressing, extracting, search, and full access
*Mount MTP devices, access and manage files with an ease
*Mount Dropbox and Dropbox Business accounts as a drive for convenient access
*Share Dropbox links easily
*Custom themes for unique appearance
*Connect and manage files in Amazon S3 storage and S3-compatible storages
*Mount as many Google Drive accounts as needed and manage your files and folders, including “Shared with me” folder, without copying data on your Mac
*Map unlimited number of WebDAV connections and access your online files
*Connect Microsoft OneDrive accounts and manage online files as if they are stored on your Mac
*Mount and manage your files stored on
*Connect and deal with files in Backblaze B2
*Map OpenStack SWIFT to get flawless access to your online files
*Protect your files on online connections due to encryption

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at We are happy to help. Your feedback is welcome and will be taken into account for next releases.


Verze 2.2

Improved: unpacking of some RAR archives.
Fixed: column width in Brief mode.
Fixed: mounting S3 connections when using accounts with limited permissions.
Fixed: listing of hidden files on some FTP servers.
Fixed: copying files with Resource Fork.
Lots of other minor fixes and improvements (thank you guys for your continued feedback!).

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4.4 z 5
Hodnocení: 93

Hodnocení: 93

AquilaMP ,

Good one

Very good application. To my whole satisfaction, I would appreciate that it would be able to filter automatically in alfabetical row together with the chosen fileter as the total commander can. I was able to define hier every time only one filter. Otherwise prety good app.

Odpověď vývojáře ,

Hello, thank you for the feedback. Stay tuned for the future updates!

Adamsfamily777 ,

Beware - Some features (like FTP) doesn't work without upgrading to Pro

I wanted to download some features from FTP. I saw Commander One their web site, I saw FTP, FTPS, all kinds of connections suppored. So I said I will give it a try.

I configured my FTP site, entered my password, selected files on the remote site and finally, finally when I clicked "Copy" it asked me to pay $30 to actually complete the operation (=upgrade to Pro).

Now I understand that there has to be paid software, I really do. But The FTP feature should NOT be present in the Free version in that case. Currently it's just as a placeholder to make people to upgrade to Pro. Once you have spent a lot of time configuring this app you are more likely to upgrade. I got it, bu I'm really disappointed with this because it's misleading.

It should be clearly distinguished that the Free version is a simple interface and the Pro version is a feature-rich product. But it isn't. The Free version "looks" like a feature-rich product, it just bothers you every other minute to upgrade to Pro :-((((( Very misleading.

Odpověď vývojáře ,

Free mode of Commander One app has basic functionality. FTP client is available in PRO paid package only. Please note that software development is a complex process which involves the work of different departments, developers, testers, etc. Thus, the product with all features and services cannot be totally free. Thank you for your understanding.

IngRizek ,

Versatile app

Nice and versatile app for those who like the two tab arrangement. All the expected features are present and work just fine. Little tweaking possible and don't require you to be IT expert.
Disapointing is the lack of update for Mojave OS :(

Odpověď vývojáře ,

We are thankful for your positive review. Commander One is fully compatible with Mojave OS.
If you mean the Dark Mode feature, I'm glad to inform you that this feature will be added in the next major update of the app.


Electronic Team, Inc.
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OS X 10.10 nebo novější, 64bitový procesor


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