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Easily turn your phone into a high definition Mac or PC webcam.

Perfect for business, online teaching, live streaming and more, EpocCam works seamlessly with popular video conferencing and broadcast software. Connect via USB or stream camera footage to your PC over Wi-Fi, and move freely while broadcasting anywhere in your local network.

Shoot in portrait or landscape mode with background blur or enhanced chroma key. Use gestures to control Snapchat Lenses with AR effects, animations, objects and characters. Easily add a secondary camera angle to your existing setup. With EpocCam drivers installed on your computer, your phone automatically appears as a webcam in apps like OBS Studio, Zoom and Microsoft Teams (Windows PC only).

Employ EpocCam to leverage the superior processing power of your phone, and look just as polished online as you do in person.


- Webcam App: convert your phone into a high definition computer webcam.
- Professional Quality: conference call and live stream in 1080p, HDR, and more.
- Software Friendly: OBS Studio, Zoom, Microsoft Teams (Windows PC only) and more.
- Modes: portrait and landscape.
- Snapchat Lenses: faces, objects, effects, background blur, chroma key, and lots more.
- Perfect for Remote Work: business, online teaching, content creation, etc.
- Easy Multicam Solution: add another camera angle to your setup.
- Wireless Freedom: connect via Wi-Fi for unrestricted movement.
- One-Time Setup: phone automatically appears as a webcam in computer software.
- Compatibility: works with Mac and Windows PC.

Turn your phone into a webcam in minutes:

1. Get the EpocCam app
2. Download and install the computer drivers
3. Connect phone to PC via Wi-Fi or USB
4. Set EpocCam as the webcam on your computer


- EpocCam App: iOS 13.0 or later
- EpocCam Drivers: macOS 10.14 or later / Windows 10 or later
- Wi-Fi network or USB cable

Learn more: https://elgato.com/epoccam


Verze 2024.1

What’s new in EpocCam 2024.1?

# Disable Screen Dimming
EpocCam automatically dims your device’s display to save power. If you’d prefer to keep an eye on your video preview at all times, you can now disable this behavior. Just tap the gear icon to enter preferences where you’ll find the new Screen Dimming setting.

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4,4 z 5
Hodnocení: 592

Hodnocení: 592

FlllP ,

Easy and smart solutions

Easy and simple way how to use good quality camera from your phone like your webcam

Frissone ,

Drops connection

On one hand, EpocCam is amazing, it's an easy way to get a webcam with image and sound quality you wouldn't get from any other. It has one major issue though. It doesn't really work. It loses connection after couple of minutes and takes ages to get working again which makes in useless for pretty much anything. I tried all available drivers from the website but the problem persists.

flowteq ,


Just to get front camera option...

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