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Eve works with all HomeKit-enabled accessories. See your home at a glance. Customize your ecosystem down to the finest detail. Activate scenes in a snap. And easily create automations using timers and rules. With Eve, you’re at the forefront of connected home control – and guided – every step of the way.

Get a quick overview of everything that's happening in your connected home. Quickly access your favorite scenes to instantly control multiple accessories as one. And dive into room or type details with a simple tap.

Personalize your home according to your exact preferences. Choose among the many pre-defined rooms or add your own. And organize all your HomeKit-enabled accessories in a way that feels natural.

Easily create advanced scenes to control multiple accessories with a single command. And set timers to synchronize your home with your daily routine. Better yet, add powerful rules to set scenes based on accessory values or your location, and have your home work for you – automatically.

The Eve family of HomeKit-enabled accessories puts your home at your fingertips. Control your lights, appliances, radiators and other connected comforts – with your iPhone or just your voice. Easily create automations for carefree convenience around the clock. And gather data on temperature, air quality, humidity, energy consumption and more.

With Eve, meet your truly connected home:

NEW! Eve Room
Indoor Air Quality Monitor
• Track indoor air quality (VOC), temperature, and humidity
• See measurements directly on the high-contrast e-ink display
• Review past conditions by hours, days, months, and years
• Built-in USB-rechargeable battery lasts 6 weeks or more
• Automation and remote access courtesy of your home hub

NEW! Eve Aqua
Smart Water Controller

• Activate your sprinkler via Siri, the app, or onboard button
• Let it shut off automatically
• Automate with schedules
• Track water consumption
• Remote access courtesy of your home hub

NEW! Eve Flare
Portable Smart LED Lamp

• Control your ambience via Siri or the app
• Explore ready-made colors and create your own
• Automate with timers
• 6 hours of illumination, wireless charging, and IP65 water resistance
• Automation and remote access courtesy of your home hub

Meet the whole Eve family of HomeKit-enabled accessories at


Verze 3.8

Please give a warm welcome to Eve 3.8, which introduces a gorgeous new dark theme. Instead of us trying to describe just how stunning it looks, head straight to the Eve app settings and find out for yourself. Dark theme works on all devices running iOS 12.

Also in this update: support for the latest Eve Aqua firmware to keep your garden in shape throughout the sunny season:
• Up to 7 watering periods per day
• Watering relative to sunrise and sunset
• Convenient suspension of schedules via Scenes
• Suspension of schedules based on the rain forecast, powered by Siri Shortcuts

Plus the usual overall improvements sprinkled throughout every corner of the app. Enjoy!

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4.4 z 5
Hodnocení: 81

Hodnocení: 81

TommyZacek ,

Bug in Graphs

Bad trends in charts - Eve Energy. From morning to evening, a device with stable power consumption is switched on. In the graph, it sometimes looks as though it turned off even though it is turned on. When the device turns off in the evening, the last column in the graph has a consumption of 14 Wh. While all the columns in the day have 9.3 Wh. I note that the device has a stable current consumption.

DenyKr ,

Good, but...

....with lack of imformations. User interface is not in Czech language and there's not many options (for example to change picture, etc.).
Can you add widget for this app? Live widget will be the best solution for checking temperatures! Thanks!

Sc00terik ,

Good, but

After last app update main values are not auto updated - i must do manual update.


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Je požadován iOS 11.0 a novější. Kompatibilní se zařízením iPhone, iPad a iPod touch.


Angličtina, Francouzština, Italština, Japonština, Němčina, Ruština, Zjednodušená čínština, Španělština

Hodnoceno 4+
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