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Healthy for love!
Feelfit is an application for recording family weight data. This application can help you connect a weight scale to measure and record weight, and provide chart display and reports that can be used with family members.
In the iPhone based on iOS8, when you use our smart scale to measure your weight, the relevant data supports synchronization with HealthKit.
This application is a family weight data recording application. All data is for reference only for weight control and long-term exercise and fitness monitoring. It is not used as a medical device data basis. If you have medical diagnosis or treatment decisions, please consult your doctor and other medical staff. Suggest.
* For your privacy and HealthKit data IMPORTANT:
1. If the user has landed , after the first application into the cloud combo , you will be asked whether you want to synchronize your body measurement data and HealthKit, you want to cloud combo written authorization to HealthKit information from HealthKit permission to read the information . Then, you can view or change these permissions in the source of HealthKit .
2. If the new registered users in the registration screen, you will be asked whether you want to synchronize your body measurement data and HealthKit, cloud combo you want to write information and authorization to read information from HealthKit permissions to HealthKit in . Then, you can view or change these permissions in the source of HealthKit .


Verze 4.9.0

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Hodnocení: 55

Silvia Koleśarová ,

Used to work ok

From last march, app isn't accepting data from my scale. I do not use it that often, so I did not find out sooner. I tried to reconnect scale and nothing. During the weighting process it shows current number, but after, with smart statistics, it's still frozen on data from March. So it's obvious that problem is with the app, not the device.

Krupi86 ,

Not working after last update

I am having 2 issues with Feelfit app since update of iOS app on v 2.2.6 couple days ago. First is that when I am syncing new data from my bodyweight (UMAX US10C), it is taking really long time before spinning circle around weight (sign of getting new data) to stop and after that nothing new shows up. I have to quit the app, reopen it and do some action within the app to get notification to check new data. It is not convenient. Another big problem for me is that since the update Feelfit is not writing any data to Apple Health app. It was working before update without problem. I really want those issues get fix because I am using it for connection and getting body data to other fitness app. I have Feelfit app installed on iPhone Xs with latest iOS (12.4)

Miloš Zeman ,

3.2.2 lags

version 3.2.2 has very bad reactions, probably when loading data from the cloud. Why is the data not cached locally?

Ochrana soukromí v aplikaci

Vývojářská společnost „Shenzhen QingNiu Software Co. Ltd“ uvedl, že součástí opatření na ochranu soukromí v této aplikaci může být zpracování dat níže popsanými způsoby. Další informace najdete v zásadách ochrany osobních údajů poskytnutých vývojářskou společností.

Údaje spojené s vámi

Následující údaje mohou být shromažďovány a propojeny s vaší identitou:

  • Zdraví a fitness
  • Kontaktní údaje
  • Identifikátory
  • Diagnostika

Postupy v oblasti ochrany osobních údajů se mohou lišit, například v závislosti na funkcích, které používáte, nebo na vašem věku. Další informace

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