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LESS_ is a free tool for everyone who wants to reduce the number of things in their closet and enjoy minimalism.Start with selling your used clothes in Less, making more room in your life in the process.

In the spirit of conscious consumption, you can also use the app to purchase unique pieces that fit your collection.

By reselling and reusing clothes, you're reducing textile waste and your carbon footprint. Good for you! Less at a glance:- Snap photos of your clothes and put them on sale in minutes. There are no transaction fees in the app. - Buy clothes offered by other users. You can chat with the sellers if you want to find out more about the piece or transaction details. - Add the clothes you own to your Less account in order to keep your collection under control. Whenever you feel that a given piece is no longer essential for your wardrobe, you can put it on sale right away.Why you should join Less:- We're focused on the high quality of clothes sold via the app. - Shopping safety is increased by verified accounts and direct interaction between users. - You can count on us whenever you have any questions. We offer 24/7 email support for the users. - Upon joining Less, you'll get access to exclusive content about minimalism, slow fashion and clothing care. We will provide you with inspiration and education. Download Less to start changing your lifestyle today.


Verze 1.27.0

Here it is, the new version of the app. What have we improved?
• The ability to select multiple images at once and access the camera from within the app,
• Simplified, more intuitive and user-friendly form to fill in the description of your offer,
• More convenient and easier to select five-level categories,

And many other small improvements related to adding an offer to the portal that significantly speed up the time you need to do it.

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