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Go Yoshida

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Snímky obrazovky


Get easy-to-use magnifying glass downloaded over 4.6M times across the brand. Equipped with eye-friendly live filters such as color adjustment and text sharpening.

Basic Functions:
- Magnifies up to 10x
- Autofocus specially tuned for reading
- Continuously adjusted exposure
- Video stabilization (Shake reduction)
- Pause and Save the screen
- Full Screen mode
- Dimmable torch light
- Magnifies the loaded photos

PRO Tools:
- Night Vision for use in dark places
- Switches to the front-facing camera (Mirror mode)
- Sharpens images to help reading
- Saturation, Brightness, Contrast adjustment
- Color Inversion
- Grayscale and Monochrome filters
- Red and Green balance adjustment

- Quick launch from Widget
- Changes magnifying glass size
- Suitable for AirPlay
- Compatible with VoiceOver

[Not Just a Magnifying Glass]
Magniscope features special live filters to make it easier to see the magnified image. You can turn on the sharpening filter to display text clearly. It is also possible to easily distinguish colors by using various color filters such as contrast adjustment, inversion, and monochrome.

All operations can be performed in real time with the "PRO Tools" at the top of the screen. While checking the actual image, find the setting that best suits your eyes.

[Usability is Important]
Magniscope supports your vision with its intuitive user interface. You can start using it without any complicated settings. Handy when reading hard-to-read things like books printed in small letters, menus in restaurants, labels on the medicine bottles, etc.

The magnification can be adjusted smoothly up to 10x. A circle is displayed in the center of the screen, and the magnified image is displayed inside it. The circle can be moved to any position or displayed in full screen.

This app is equipped with autofocus specially tuned for reading. It always works to focus on the center of the circle. The brightness of the image is also adjusted to the optimum state by automatic exposure. And video stabilization reduces the blur associated with the motion of the device.

[In Various Situations]
- In dark places, you can adjust the brightness of the torch light. If you don't want to turn on the light, try Night Vision.

- Paused screen is useful for displaying newspapers, maps, pamphlets, etc. When the entire area you want to see is displayed, tap the circle. You can then zoom in anywhere on the screen without moving the device.

- You can use this app with AirPlay on Apple TV to turn a big TV screen into a magnifying glass. In this case, it is good to set the interface orientation to landscape.

- When using with VoiceOver, you can move the circle by swiping with three fingers after selecting the circle.

Why is it free?
- You can download this app for free because ads are displayed on part of the screen.
- Ads can be removed later by purchasing an add-on. Purchase is optional.

What models are supported?
- To use all the functions of this app, a model equipped with Apple A8 or later graphics hardware is required. (iPhone 6 or later, iPad Air 2 or later, and iPad mini 4 or later)
- If you are using a model without Focus Pixels, the focus may not be adjusted automatically. In this case, shake the device lightly to focus.
- Even if you're not sure if your device is compatible, you can try this app for free.

*disclaimer: This app is intended for use as a digital magnifying glass. We are not responsible for any claims, damages or other liability arising from the use of our products, especially those deviating from that purpose.


Verze 5.2.5

This is an update to protect your privacy.

- In iOS 14, you can allow or disallow ads based on your interests. Even if you allow it, this app will only use anonymous data.

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Hodnocení: 1

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