Break your screen and social media addiction through small habit tweaks with Moment. Learn to put your phone down and focus on the moments that matter the most, like having conversations with friends (or just bingeing “Friends”?).

We know, we know, your phone's your life and it’s hard to put down between all of the emails, messages and social media profiles keeping you connected. But according to a study from UPenn, social media use actually increases depression and loneliness. Makes you re-think the term “social media,” huh?

If you want to disconnect from your screen and social media, our free, daily guided coaching will show you how. Balance screen time with reminders and insights and start enjoying your reclaimed hours in the day.

Take control of your social media and phone usage with Moment.

Moment Features:

• Coaching to reduce phone use: Improve health, wellness and focus by reducing your phone usage through simple habit tweaks recommended each day
• Screen time measurement: Moment runs in the background to automatically track your phone use -- no need to open the app
• Useful data to improve awareness: Break down each day to see when you’re on your device, how many times you’re picking it up, and how much quality offline time you’re logging
• Create and join groups of friends or family members to keep each other actionable & receive coaching in tandem

Smartphones are great tools for productivity, entertainment and connectivity, but like all things, are best used in moderation. Learn to manage device addiction with simple coaching and management techniques from Moment.

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Verze 2021.12

Bug fixes and small improvements

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Hodnocení: 270

Marek Cícha ,


I love this app! It forced me to use my phone less and I have a tun of free time right now. I ised to be on my phone for seven hours a day and now it’s max three hours and getting lower and lower. Espescially it forced me to do not use Facebook anymore, or Instagram anymore and you know what? I am happier! Instal, use and donate them cuz this is awesome!

Stormeair ,

Good app but needs some improvements

To start off, it’s a great app, it does Exactly what it says plus if you buy premium you can also track which app you use, which sadly only works if your phone is in English.

One thing which I think should already be in the app is the ability to edit the tracking. For example, when you use Sleep Cycle, or any other simillar app, it will track it. So if you forget to turn off screen tracking for the night, you’re stuck with extra X hours of incorrectly tracked usage.

leaprg ,

Love this app!

Didn't realize how much time I actually spend on my phone messaging and calling people.

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