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My Tanita is a Healthcare Service provided by TANITA which helps you monitor your health and fitness progress using the most accurate BIA technology from the TANITA connected devices.
At Tanita, we are all about supporting your success and that means giving you the tools to maintain your activity and healthy eating. One of these tools is exactly the My Tanita App.
This App will allow you to connect your TANITA body composition analyser (the RD-series and the newly launched BC-401) by Bluetooth 4.0 to build detailed and easy visual graphs of your measurements.
The TANITA Body Composition Monitors are connected easily with your smartphone and will show you more than 10 important body health values. This means that you have the data at your fingertips, whenever you are and you will be able to download them as pdf or csv file so to share them with your personal trainer and check them at any time.
Set the goals you want to reach and leverage the app to check your progress and always make sure to be on the right track.

- Apple Healthkit integration
Our app makes use of Apple healthkit to sync some of your measurement data

- Body Composition Monitor (measurements vary depending on the device)
Weight / Body Fat % / Muscle Mass / Bone Mass / Visc. Fat Lv / Basal Metabolic Rate / Metabolic Age / Total Body Water % / BMI / Muscle Quality / Physique Rating

- - - - - -

If you want to use the Tanita body composition monitors together with other people (even the whole family) and more phones, that is not a problem. To do this, each individual needs to repeat the “choose device” and “pairing” steps on their own smartphone before taking a measurement.

- - - - - -

Please seek a doctor’s advice in addition to using this app and before making any medical decisions.

MyTanita app sends weight, BMI & bodyfat values to Healthkit when user makes a measurement. (Optional functionality)


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1,8 z 5
Hodnocení: 5

Hodnocení: 5

J.P.EU ,

Lazy developers

Hi lazy developers, for two week your app is making duplicates entries in record (iPhone 13 pro vs Tanita 953). Could you check it and make corrections? On top, I’m not able to delete duplicate entries via web pages. Only via iOS app, where I do not see whole history.

Malchasjan89 ,

Forgoten app

No updates, no support, incorrect measuring and now I’m even not able delete results because of fault 403 forbidden request. Don’t spend your time and money for someone who just don’t care about you.

Jiri.T ,

Measurement characteristics

After updating, the weight is measured incorrectly by a lot of%. the older version was perfect and accurate. After 30 days I lost 3kg of weight and gained 4kg of pure fat according to the new application. I work out in the gym 3 times a week. I didn't see any fat changes on myself. Please fix 😞

Ochrana soukromí v aplikaci

Vývojář „TANITA“ uvedl, že součástí opatření na ochranu soukromí v této aplikaci může být zpracování dat níže popsanými způsoby. Další informace najdete v zásadách ochrany osobních údajů poskytnutých vývojářem.

Údaje nespojené s vámi

Následující údaje mohou být shromažďovány ale ne propojeny s vaší identitou:

  • Zdraví a fitness
  • Kontaktní údaje
  • Údaje o použití
  • Diagnostika

Postupy v oblasti ochrany osobních údajů se mohou lišit, například v závislosti na funkcích, které používáte, nebo na vašem věku. Další informace

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