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Brainstorm ideas & take freeform notes mixing handwriting, text, drawings, diagrams & images on an expandable canvas. Erase & edit content with pen gestures, and convert handwriting and shapes to typed text and perfect forms.

Nebo understands every word you write in your choice of 66 languages, and works on all platforms - so you can access and search your notes from any device.

Enjoy 3 powerful experiences in one app:

** Create freely in a Nebo Note – the world’s most advanced freeform canvas with full write-to-text and shape conversion **
** Handwrite a responsive Nebo Document, adding math and diagram objects as needed **
** Import existing documents as PDFs, ready to annotate **

Get companion app Nebo Viewer for read-only access to your notes on your iPhone. Search, copy-paste and export content as needed. Note: requires access to cloud sync and a free MyScript account.

• Digital handwriting:
- Write¹, type or dictate in the same page, sentence or even word.
- Accurately convert handwriting and math to typed text, and drawn diagrams to perfect shapes. Diagrams stay editable when pasted into PowerPoint!
- Write emoji and symbols with your pen.

• Edit with your pen:
- Use intuitive gestures to edit and format content without breaking your flow.
- Use the marker to highlight or color, the lasso to select, and the eraser to delete entire strokes or precisely defined content.

• Write, type and draw freely in a Nebo Note:
- Enjoy an infinite canvas ideal for brainstorming and freeform note-taking.
- Pan around and zoom in or out for a fresh perspective.
- Use the lasso to select, move, copy, delete or resize content - and to convert handwriting to typed text.

• Switch to a Nebo Document for a responsive experience:
- Create and edit structured notes – your handwriting will automatically reflow as needed.
- Make edits, adjust layout, rotate your device or split your screen without worrying about readability.

• Enrich your notes:
- Personalize content using a range of pen types and page backgrounds.
- Add photos, sketches and smart objects like math and diagrams.
- Handwrite math equations and matrices across several lines, solve simple calculations and copy math as LaTeX or image.

- “Perfect with Apple Pencil” (App Store)
- “For note-takers with needs that go beyond the basic” (TechRadar, 2019)
- Best App 2017 (CES Mobile Apps Showdown)

Nebo respects your privacy and never stores content on our servers without your explicit consent.

For help or feature requests, create a ticket at

Check minimum and recommended requirements for Nebo:

¹You can use any compatible active or passive pen, including Apple Pencil, to write in Nebo. More details at


Verze 5.4.0

** Handwriting conversion in PDFs **

Our write-to-text engine now works in PDFs - simply select handwriting with the lasso and tap "Convert" to convert it to typed text.

** Keyboard in PDFs **

You can now use the keyboard to type, edit and dictate text in PDFs.

** Perfect shapes in PDFs **

New for PDFs: hold your pen to the screen after drawing a line or shape to convert it to a perfect, regularized form you can resize and rotate.

** Manage pages within a PDF **

Long press on a page or tap the + button in the toolbar, then either add a blank page, move the selected page up or down, or delete it.

** Need HELP? **

Contact us via

** LOVE Nebo? **

Support us with a 5-star rating and a review!

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4,8 z 5
Hodnocení: 1 tis.

Hodnocení: 1 tis.

Mak_len ,


I remember when I amazed my friends with Calculator on iP4 and then Memo on iPad couple years ago. Now, finally, with Apple pencil and Nebo I could fully appreciate this amazing technology (still not sure, how could it work!). It’s also great, that my pretty minor language is supported. If I could make a wish, I would really appreciate, if it were possible to convert text by individual lines; not just the whole block of text. It is only possible (as far as I know) to do it by letting every second line blank, which is not very convenient. This would be great for my needs – long texts, which has to be written fast; it would enable to correct conversion mistakes. Anyway, probably the best app I’ve ever used.

Odpověď vývojáře ,

Hi, thanks for your kind words about our apps! I will add a +1 to your suggestion and pass it on to the product team for consideration in future developments. I would suggest you try Draft section for your fast writing: You can then copy your text and rework it in a standard page - Mila

raj1814 ,

Great app

I tested many note taking apps including Goodnotes and OneNote and finally landed with Nebo. It’s fast, clean and delivers excellent support for handwriting recognition in many languages including Czech. I really love the gestures for deleting, adding space etc. Makes the note taking fast and flexible to add and comment.

What I miss compared to the other apps is possibility to save own pens (specific color and thickness) to quickly access in toolbar. The second function I really miss is possibility to open multiple notebooks in tabs for quick switching or possibility to open Nebo in multiple windows on iPad Pro.

Odpověď vývojáře ,

Thank you for your 5-star review! We appreciate your feedback and are thrilled to hear that you find Nebo fast, clean, and supportive of multiple languages. We're glad you enjoy the gestures for efficient note taking.

Regarding your suggestions, we understand the importance of personalized pen options and the convenience of multiple notebook tabs or windows. We'll share your feedback with our development team to consider for future updates. In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy using Nebo for your note-taking needs. Mila

loboTom007 ,

Awesome app

This app should cost more than double, it is awesome ad you guys are doing good job. If you are able to transfer my handwriting notes, you can do everything :-) Better sync functionality would be perfect - this only is a pain, but still is that app my #1 and 5 stars for you

Odpověď vývojáře ,

Thanks for your support: we love that you love Nebo! Improving synchronization is definitely on our radar, but we can't provide more detail than that just yet. Stay tuned and we'll update you when we know more.

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