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Introducing TENT, a trusted cryptocurrency app that makes buying, selling, and trading crypto easy and secure. With TENT, you can confidently navigate cryptocurrencies with the highest level of security and transparency.

Our low and transparent fee structure, free-flowing mobile app, and simple onboarding process make it easy for anyone to start trading in crypto. Bringing both individuals & businesses together under one “TENT”, this cryptocurrency platform seamlessly connects your traditional & digital finance assets.

The blockchain revolution has just unfolded a brand-new financial landscape. Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) is now everywhere, and its fast taking over Traditional Finance (Trad-Fi) which has been relatively unsecure while still offering some unique features.

So, the users are now demanding a reliable hybrid version of both Trad-Fi & & De-Fi. TENT’s business model is based on the most lucrative aspects of both, enhancing the adoption of cryptocurrency across the world.

TENT is going to reinvent everything. Management, holding, investing, trading, lending & payment, and whatnot. The users are going to get some unprecedented benefits now. You have access to real-time information about cryptocurrency value to monitor your assets. You can also link your TENT Mastercard with the cryptocurrency of your choice and spend crypto without limits, among other benefits.

For the backend of the operations, our time-tested security & Identity Management practices have got you covered. Our exclusive payment processing platform comes with a successful track record with all the options we offer. It follows the most reliable Plug ‘n’ Play principle and allows you perfect usability & modularity with the backing of our trademark APIs.

TENT’s functionality envisions to tick the following 3 big boxes:

1. Secure storage & frictionless swapping between digital currencies, monetary systems, blockchains, and digital assets.

2. The ability for users to buy (receive, obtain) & spend (pay, send) crypto in all convenient forms (on & off ramps). With a seamless and simple user experience, you can enjoy a vast range of services including:

- Peer-to-peer transactions
- Payment via card
- Apple/Google pay
- Bank IBAN transfer
- Cash in/out
- Global remittances

And, services enabling acceptance & invoicing directly in crypto.

3. Access to a lot of opportunities for investment, borrowing, and other valuable financial services, all working together to bridge the Trad-Fi and De-Fi gap.

TENT covers or will cover the following crypto use cases:

- Buy Crypto online via card, bank transfer, or cash (3rd party ATMs)
- Load Cryptocurrency into the TENT wallet
- Maintain balance in Crypto & Stablecoins and enjoy real-time swaps between them.
- Pay in Crypto at brick &-mortar shops, via TENT card for shopping online, and with a mobile phone app or smartwatch at physical stores.
- Store crypto in a custodial wallet, a non-custodial wallet (TENT has no control over your funds), or in your external hardware.
- Earn & sell INTENT tokens
- Create & pay invoices in Crypto
- Send crypto to a bank account
- Regular crypto savings (DCA)
- Send money abroad (remittances) or pay internationally directly with crypto
- Cash-out crypto (3rd party ATMs)
- Collateralize your crypto for borrowing purposes
- Deposit crypto & earn interest
- Obtain tax reports efficiently

Wrapping it up, TENT allows you to create and manage your crypto portfolio and enjoy the best rates and security. Just spare a few minutes and you can create an account easily. We never compromise on user assets and confidential data, ensuring your crypto is safe and secure.

Download the TENT app and reap the latest cryptocurrency benefits now.


Verze 1.3.1

We've fixed a critical bug in our registration process to ensure a seamless and error-free sign-up experience. Update now for a smoother start with our app.

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3,1 z 5
Hodnocení: 7

Hodnocení: 7

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Software really helpful but it slow you should fix it

VeronikaDani ,

Cautionary Review: Cryptocurrency Payment App Linked to troubled Prepaid Card Company

Consider caution before using this app. It’s founder is connected to a company whose Mastercard-licensed prepaid cards recently failed, causing losses for many. Research thoroughly and weigh the risks before trusting this app with your money.

Ochrana soukromí v aplikaci

Vývojářská společnost „TENT Corporation SE“ uvedl, že součástí opatření na ochranu soukromí v této aplikaci může být zpracování dat níže popsanými způsoby. Další informace najdete v zásadách ochrany osobních údajů poskytnutých vývojářskou společností.

Údaje spojené s vámi

Následující údaje mohou být shromažďovány a propojeny s vaší identitou:

  • Finanční informace
  • Kontaktní údaje
  • Identifikátory

Postupy v oblasti ochrany osobních údajů se mohou lišit, například v závislosti na funkcích, které používáte, nebo na vašem věku. Další informace

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