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Windy Maps will guide you around the whole world. You can search for a route, plan a trip and arrive to your destination thanks to the voice navigation. Windy Maps works even without an internet connection. Just download a map of your country or a region to your phone. An inseparable part of the app is the function My Maps, where you can save your places and routes in folders according to your trips. Then you can easily sort or share them with others, even via social networks. In addition, you can track your trips via Tracker, a function that is able to detect if you're riding a bike, driving a car or walking. With the app Windy Maps you no longer need a car or bike navigation. If going on a trip, then only with Windy Maps.

Windy Maps by chart the whole world in detail. Whether you love hiking, biking or skiing, you will enjoy this app. Plan your route and get to the destination thanks to tourist voice navigation that works also offline. Get out of the city and start seeing the world with Windy Maps.

Even without the internet, you can:
• Use downloaded maps even just in the form of regions.
• Search locations around the world.
• Look through and sort out saved trips in My maps including sync of the app with Windy Maps web.
• Plan routes and use navigation anywhere around the world even without a signal.
• Offline tourist map of the world with marked tourist trails and bikeways.
• Offline voice navigation for drivers, bikers and pedestrians in languages (Czech, English, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Slovak).

In the app you will find:
• Car navigation with lane guidance and speed limit notification.
• Free navigation for cycling and hiking.
• Weather forecast for the next 5 days anywhere around the world, including temperature, wind, and precipitation.
• Tips for trips nearby.
• My maps for organizing trips are synced on all devices after signing in.
• Tracker is a function that allows you to track and share your route and that can detect your activity. It can also stop tracking automatically.
• Offline route planner with an unlimited number of waypoints, elevation profile for vehicles, bikes and pedestrians.
• Offline winter maps of the world with cross-country skiing tracks and ski resorts.
• Upload pictures to locations.
• Offline search for places, coordinates and categories, including opening hours and contacts.
• Up-to-date fuel prices at petrol stations in selected European countries.
• Public transport timetables.

Additional functionalities available in the Czech Republic:
• Aerial maps of the world, panoramic photographs of the streets in the Czech Republic and 3D view.
• Water tourism information for the Czech Republic, such as passability of rivers and weirs.
• Marked parking zones in Czech cities.

Using the application in the background with GPS can dramatically reduce battery life.


Verze 2.0

Windy Maps are now completely redesigned and include many new features.

The main improvements of Windy Maps are:
• Saving places, tracks and activities and sync them between your devices
• Sport tracker to track your activities. Also, includes an option to auto-stop
• Search history is now saved
• Route planner now includes weather along the route
• Find trips nearby, find a trail for biking or hiking nearby your location. You can adjust the length of a trip
• You can now use your account from

Windy Maps are now published by a global weather app and developed by

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4.7 z 5
Hodnocení: 169

Hodnocení: 169

Goatsman ,

The only maps I can trust in nature

I spent most of a week in a concrete jungle but whenever I’ve a time to escape into nature, we pack our camper, bikes and Windy Maps because they’re only maps I can trust when we’re getting wild!

Martin Šnobr ,

Really good

The most detailed maps for cities and nature. Very useful when hiking, sometimes Windy maps show more detail of the tracks than local guides.

botomi ,

Best hiking/biking topo maps

Really great topo maps for hiking and biking. Must have when walking in nature and can't find a way back :)) thank you

Odpověď vývojáře ,

Thank you ;-)


Windyty, SE
107.1 MB

Je požadován iOS 11.0 a novější. Kompatibilní se zařízením iPhone, iPad a iPod touch.


Čeština, Angličtina, Francouzština, Holandština, Italština, Němčina, Polština, Portugalština, Ruština, Slovenština, Turečtina, Řečtina, Španělština

Tato aplikace může využívat informace o vaší poloze, i když není spuštěna, a snížit tak výdrž baterie.


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