Luban ruler, the full name of "Luban's ruler", also known as "Luban ruler", is the measuring tool used in the construction of the house, the ruler used by the artisans today. The Luban ruler is about 46.08 centimeters long. It is said that it was made for the Spring and Autumn Lu Guogong class. After the Fengshui community, he joined the eight characters to measure the house and the house, and called it "the door ruler." Also known as the "square ruler", it is mainly used to verify whether the planed board, the coffin and the structure are perpendicular to the edges and the edges are at right angles. 1 city ruler = 0.8 Luban ruler. The Luban ruler soon merged with the Dinglan ruler, and then merged into the inch and centimeter. It is an important tool for measurement and correction. Due to its special functions, it is the most widely used in Feng Shui culture and architectural culture.
        Ding Lan ruler is a kind of measurement tool used in ancient times. It is used to measure the size of the Yin House. It is one foot, two inches and eight minutes long. It is about 38.78 centimeters in one foot. It is divided into ten squares. It is engraved with "financial, loss, happiness, death." "Official, righteous, bitter, prosperous, harmful, Ding" cross, when using the word is appropriate.
        This app provides two gauges for measuring the size of various buildings and furniture. You are welcome to download and use.


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