All in One (aio) Calculator is the most complete calculator in the App Store. Ideal for every day use or more complex needs. The app is free and without ads. It's an easy to use and modern calculator with a unique combination of features.

General features
• Available on all iPad, iPhone and iPod devices
• Multiple Windows
• Context Menus
• Multitasking
• Slider for precision control
• Full support for drag and drop
• Light and Dark appearance
• Quick Guide for easy onboarding
• Toolbar for easy access to many features
• Accessibility features like VoiceOver
• Home screen icon for quick actions (3d Touch)
• Delete button for easy editing
• Undo and redo
• Adjustable precision for decimal results
• Spotlight Search

Calculator Views
• Views for Standard (Infix), RPN and Programmer
• Context menus provide easy access to many features
• Statistic functions (average, standard deviation and more)
• Expression editing
• Share results; including using AirDrop
• Common memory functions
• View contents in memory
• Multiline expression in portrait and landscape
• Simple layout in portrait and a more advanced layout in landscape
• All calculator functions available in portrait (don't need to rotate the device)
• Various button styles
• Change location of number pad for better accessibility

Unit Converter
• Convert among the 486 units in 36 measurements; including currency
• Share results with others or paste back into the calculator for further use
• Hide units seldomly used

• History (paper tape) feature allows you to see and use previous calculations
• Annotate history entries to remember what they were
• Search in history
• Share results with others or paste back into the calculator for further use

Info feature
• Detailed description of all features
• Table of contents and search allow you to find topics of interest

• Shows as many rows in the stack as needed
• Shows the expression that generates the result
• Drag and drop among rows
• Buttons to manipulate the stack

• Support for hexadecimal, octal and binary number systems
• Manipulate individual bits
• Many bitwise operators
• Shows equivalents ASCII and Unicode characters

• Fractions can be converted to different forms; including decimal
• Fraction keys can be changed to other keys in portrait mode
• Works with decimal numbers and fractions

You no longer need a several calculators; nor a unit converter. Future upgrades will add more features so you don’t have to switch back and forth among other apps.

Enjoy our app that, as always, is free and without ads!


Version 9.2.10

Thank you for using our app. It's regularly improved and modernized to better serve you.

Recent changes include:
• Corrected rare crash that could occur in when using multiple History windows in iPadOS
• General improvements and corrections

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