A Brainstorm Is Coming!

AnswerGarden Ad-free allows your classroom or conference audience to instantly connect to AnswerGardens shared via local WiFi networks and easily participate in an AnswerGarden-session without any distractions!

AnswerGarden is a social response app for classrooms, creatives and conferences. AnswerGarden allows you to pose a question or a topic for your audience to answer or comment on. The unique twist of AnswerGarden is that it cleverly combines the expression of the respondents’ own answers with a Twitter-like confinement of 20 characters and a representation in the form of a growing word cloud. The instant result provides an overview of all answers, ranked in popularity, which can then be used for further analysis or group discussion.

Since its launch users have found numerous applications for AnswerGarden. Creative designers use it for brainstorming while conference speakers employ AnswerGarden for breaking the ice with their audience. Educators use it with their students for formative assessments and therapists apply AnswerGarden to personal mind mapping exercises.

Please visit http://AnswerGarden.ch to start a new brainstorm.

AnswerGarden is made by Creative Heroes, a two-person design team in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

* Critical Acclaim *

"AnswerGarden is the answer to great polls and brainstorming" - ICT For Educators

"When I first read about AnswerGarden on Twitter (...) I admit I was skeptical. It seemed as though it was almost too simplistic...but that's the beauty of it!" - Teaching with Technology

"A kind of Wordle for responses" - Tim Rylands, ludodidactic

"I recently came across a Web 2.0 tool that is new to me and I’m already hooked. (...) It appears to be a great tool for encouraging higher order thinking and building vocabulary because unlike Twitter that lets you type the exorbitant amount of 140 characters, AnswerGarden only allows you 20 characters." - Discovery Education

"AnswerGarden – quick, simple brainstorming"- Whiteboardblog.co.uk

"With AnswerGarden, creative brainstorming and collecting feedback has never been easier! In addition to surveys and polls, this "cool tool" can be used to establish the knowledge level of a class regarding a certain concept. It also can be used as a fun and interactive assessment, icebreaker, parking lot and/or exit ticket." - Edutech for Teachers

"AnswerGarden can also be embedded in your own blog,website, or a wiki. It is a very practical way for teachers to establish the knowledge level of a class on a certain subject." - Educators Technology

"You don’t need to sign up to use it and creating an AnswerGarden literally takes seconds. (...) For short answers that are collected with absolute minimum fuss, AnswerGarden trumps anything else." - Inquiry + elearning

"At first, I didn’t appreciate its depth so don’t be surprised that on the surface it looks quite drab. (...) The key piece is the collaboration (and) in its Twitter-like confinement to a limited number of characters. AnswerGarden’s is only 20 characters." - Tuesdays with Karen

“Processing feedback manually can take an eternity. This takes care of the tricky bits.” - KillerStartups.com

"Answergarden is a great tool for canvassing your class for their ideas and understanding (...) for taking quick snapshots or for citizenship work." - David Kinane, eLearning Innovator

"And the final verdict? AnswerGarden had the best export features – I loved the fact that it just worked seamlessly with Wordle." - athrawes.com

"It's a nice way to see how the class as a whole feels about their knowledge and weaknesses." - Matthew Gillispie, From Notepad to IPad

"AnswerGarden is a fun way for students to brainstorm, plan, and work together. (...) The possibilities are endless!" - ilearntechnology.com

"AnswerGarden is an easy way to get feedback from the children. You could use this to get scientific predictions before an experiment." - talkPrimaryICT


Version 1.0

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6 Bewertungen

6 Bewertungen

melst007 ,

kann weniger als das Webinterface

wäre ja schön, wenn man in der App auch neue Wordclouds einrichten könnte...
die App hat keinerlei Administrationsmöglichkeiten, der Admin muss also trotzdem noch ins Webinterface.
hoffe, das wird noch nachgereicht... ansonsten wäre ich stark enttäuscht...

Uli863921! ,

Nutzlos und überteuert

Eine App, die Geld kostet, nur um Fragen zu beantworten?

sofcon ,

No new answergarden possible!

While the free app (with ads) allows to create new wordclouds, the paid version doesn't have this possibility. Should be added.


Richard Van tol
2.4 MB

Erfordert iOS 7.1 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPad.



3,49 €


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