AZBO Guidebook is your personal OFFLINE GUIDE to all of the world's favourite travel destinations. Using the Guidebook you'll discover fascinating details about the history of these locations, their local legends and stories, and their most interesting sights.

AZBO Audioguides cover more than 55+ world cities, and provide a free offline-access map to each city. Once you have downloaded the map and excursion, you don't need internet access while taking the excursion route.

The main thing is that you always have complete control over your route and time! You can set off on an AZBO excursion at any time that suits you. You can opt to follow a recommended route – or you can use our free route-maker software to create your own route, that includes only the sights which you are interested in seeing.

When walking around a new city with AZBO you'll discover not only the famous and essential sights, but also the delightful hidden gems which only real connoisseurs and dedicated fans know about. These routes aren't just facts off the internet – they've been specially assembled by expert local guides who have paced every step of the way themselves in detail. And to make the commentary useful and enjoyable to hear, each excursion is recorded by voice-over professionals.

Before you start the walk, you can get an overview of all its sights in the PANORAMA – to get a handle on your new destination before setting off. Using the panorama, you can choose all the sights you'd like to see during the walk. To make things simpler, the DON'T-MISS SIGHTS are highlighted with stars, so that you can find them easily on the map – very useful if you only have limited time for your excursion.

The Azbo Travel Guides are full of TIPS FROM GUIDES. Whether you follow our routes around cities, or just stroll around without them, you'll get access to need-to-know information and insider tips for getting the best out of your visit – local traditions, customs to observe, how to get around, all updated by local professional tour guides.

AZBO Audioguides now cover a huge range of cities including London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Vienna, Venice, Amsterdam, Prague, Istanbul, Moscow, St Petersburg, New York, Los Angeles, Lisbon and Budapest, along with many other fascinating cities in a list which is continuously growing.

Frequent travellers have the option to sign up for a subscription – for 1 month, 6 months or 12 months, or a non-expiring subscription for unlimited access to all our excursions in all of our cities. You simply PAY JUST ONCE, and then use the service as much as you like! All the latest excursions which come available in our range of routes will be accessible for free!

Azbo Audioguides were voted “Best New App” in the Appstore for September 2014, and again in March 2015.

• Where we have a range of excursions which are linked by topic or location in the SECTOR category, you'll find they are cheaper by between 30-50%
• Registered users are often offered special promo promotions that offer serious savings! You can save money on audioguides whilst enjoying a new sense of freedom and confidence on your travels! You'll receive details of the promotions by email – don't miss them, because they're a very special deal.
• Another great feature is the ability to restore previously downloaded files. If you want to free up disk space on your device, then just delete the excursions you've already used from your device. It doesn't mean that you lose access to them! If you find yourself going back to the location, and want to use the excursions again, you can download and restore them completely free of charge – our system remembers which excursions you have previously purchased.

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Note: continued use of the GPS facility in background mode can substantially shorten the available work-time of your device.


Version 2.5.1

Travelling with AZBO is now even easier and more interesting! Just use iWatch while taking our walking routes.
Local Guide Tips are now fully accessible for everyone. They'll help you plan the time needed for your walk.
We've also added the route locations to the excursion pages, improved the appearance of reviews and feedback,
and our app is now optimised for iOS11.

Each time we upgrade the app, we aim to improve its functionality and ergonomics - just like this time!

If you have any suggestions or comments, just mail us at We'll be happy to get back to you,
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the world of travel.

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6 Bewertungen


Москва: Старый Арбат
Одно из самых романтичных мест Москвы
3,49 €
Royal Stockholm
The monarchs legasy of the past centuries
3,49 €
Берлин: Вокруг Александрплатц
Места основания Берлина и Музейный остров
3,49 €
Vienna: The Hofburg Palace
Vienna: The Hofburg Palace
3,49 €
Paris: Montmartre
Excursion to the bohemian quarter of Paris
3,49 €
Istanbul: Sultanahmet
The heart of Istanbul's Old town
3,49 €


141.8 MB

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Englisch, Russisch

Kennzeichnung: 4+
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  1. Berlin: Along Friedrichstrasse 3,49 €
  2. Все экскурсии навсегда 69,99 €
  3. Zurich: Legends and traditions of Zurich 3,49 €


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