Epic 64-voice Virtual Analog / PCM iPad Synth
Inspired by the Digital Synths of the 80s and 90s

100% of proceeds from this app go to support the AudioKit open-source project & AudioKit Synth One.

*** TOP 3 iOS MUSIC APPS OF 2018 *** - Music Radar Awards
(Computer Music & Future Music Magazine)

** Featured By Apple in "New Apps We Love!" **
"A Perfect Synth" - App Advice, Apps of the Week
"Fans of the D-50, JD-990, 01/W, Wavestation... Rejoice!" - Music Radar

FULLY LOADED w/ 500+ presets by Brice Beasley, Matthew Fecher, Red Sky Lullaby, Jakob Haq, Dean Daughters (Electronisounds), Sound of Izrael, Brian Funk, and more

"D1 Sounds awesome... Get this app!"
- Sonic State, Featured D1 on Podcast & Live Video Stream

• 64-voice Hybrid Digital Poly Synthesis.
• Full 1+ Gigabyte of original samples recorded from analog & fm synths over 30+ years old
• AUv3 Plugin & Stand-alone iPad Synth
• Space-saving Compression - The whole app is under 200mb!
• Dual layers per voice. Keyboard splits. Velocity Scaling.
• Vintage-style Arp/Step Sequencer that can be routed to specific layers.
• 3 LFOs. Fun Routings. LFOs can modify other LFOs.
• Dual Independent per-Layer filters
• Plus, per-voice Harmonic key-tracked Envelope filters.

"Digital D1 Sounds and plays AMAZING!" - The Sound Test Room
"Rad retro synth sounds" - Cult of Mac, App of the Week
"AudioKit Digital D1 is a beautiful Synthesizer app that recreates the spirit of legendary synths" - Synth Anatomy

• FX: Glorious Reverb, Phaser, Digital Delay, Distortion, Flanger, Chorus, Crush, and more.
• Perfect with a MIDI Keyboard
• Ableton Link
• All kinds of awesome stuff
• The Sound. Oh, the sound. You won't believe it.

"Digital D1 synth is pure ‘80s and ‘90s digital lushness" - Computer Music/Music Radar
"Beautiful. Lush. Modern and Amazing… An Instant Classic."

Requires newer iPads for best performance. May be slow on iPad 4.
IAA is being deprecated by Apple in iOS 13. We're moving to AUv3 as well. Please replace IAA with AUv3 in your projects.

For iPad 4 - Open the "Settings" button (to the upper left above the keyboard). Turn the buffer to 512 or above. And turn the "CPU Efficient" toggle to on. If still having trouble, try closing other music apps and/or rebooting your iPad. Thanks!

Not sure if Digital D1 will work on your device?
Download our free AudioKit Synth One app


** NOMINATED: Best iOS Music Apps of 2018 **
by Computer Music & Future Music magazine.

"The Best Synth For iOS [period]"
"I've been playing synths for 35 years. And, this is as good as it gets"
"The Sound... Perfect!"
"Breathtaking Presets, right out-of-the box"
"The sound quality competes with hardware synths"

You want great sound right away? It has tons of presets.
Plus, the ability to easily manipulate sounds with filters, delays, and other FX.

Easy to use. Easy to get great tone.

+ Mod Wheel can morph between layers. Start with an Electric Piano, and slowly bring in Strings with your MIDI controller.

+ Creative and beautiful live performances.
+ Epic pads that will inspire you

Email us your music & bugs: hello@audiokitpro.com

** This app does not sample any PCM-based synths, including Roland or Korg digital keyboards. Additionally, this app does not have any business relationship with Roland, Korg, or any other 80s/90s Digital Synth manufacturers.

*** All app sounds were created by pure analog and fm synthesis. We took these new sounds. Stacked them. Flipped them. And, processed the heck out of ’em. Resulting in a beautiful new sonic palette for you to enjoy.


Version 1.3.0

Thanks, You're the Best! We're always adding new Digital D1 Features & Fixes!
This Update Adds some of your Most Requested Features:
+ Search Presets: On the Presets panel you can now easily find and search through the 500+ included presets
+ Master Tuning: Tuning knob now matches Synth One's range of 410 to 470 (This knob is on the bottom of FX Panel when you hide the keyboard)
+ Open With... : You can now import presets & Banks from Files, DropBox, Email, iCloud using the "Open with..." from iOS, then "Digital D1" will appear. And, in case you missed it, you can also do this with Scala files (SCL). That's right, you can start D1 with the Microtonal Scala file of your choice! (For more information on microtonality and D1, check out audiokitpro.com/tuneup )
+ Fixed: Mono Mode, Glide and other issues from MIDI Keyboard
+ Fixed: On screen keyboard velocity keeps velocity when sliding to new notes
+ We're working hard on AUv3 improvements daily, please stay tuned. We'll get to all your requests!

Version 1.2.1
+ This update adds NanoStudio 2 AUv3 & Camelot support And, support for Guitar hosts.

AWESOME patience and kindness. You are the best users in the world!
Plus, version 1.2
+ Fixes MIDI keyboard recognition in stand alone mode
+ Fixes Support for iPad 4
+ Add support for 48Khz iPads. (Fixes pitch sounding +1 semitone on some iPads in AUv3)
+ It's recommended you replace IAA D1 with AUv3 in your projects. If you must use IAA, start D1 first standalone before adding to project
Plus v1.1.1
+ AU MIDI now receives Pitch & ModWheel
+ AU MIDI now receives MIDI CC - Use for MIDI Learn or MIDI CC Host Automation
+ When upgrading to AUv3 the first time, it's recommended you open Stand Alone first and export any of your custom banks as a backup.
+ Still not seeing MIDI input? Make sure your MIDI Input channel is on 1 or Omni. You can set the MIDI Input in the "Settings" button to the upper left of the keyboard.
+ NOTE: iPadOS Beta AU is not supported yet. But, D1 AU will support it soon
+AUv3 is here. Use D1 as an AU Plugin in your favorite iOS Host!
(GarageBand, AUM, Audiobus, BeatMaker 3, Cubasis, NanoStudio 2, more!)
+ After months of hard work. D1 has been completely rewritten. There may be some bugs. Please be patient with us. :)
+ Improved stability when running multiple instances (we don't recommend running more than 3 instances, though)
** IMPORTANT: Open update in Stand alone first to migrate your existing presets to AUv3

* If you have backups of your banks, try renaming the banks from something like
"MyName.json" to "MyName.bank.json" then D1 should be able to import it using the "Import" button.
i.e. You'll need to add a ".bank" before the ".json"
* When freezing in Cubasis, if nothing appears in the audio track, try setting Cubasis to compatibly mode
* D1 is rather robust. It's a beast of a synth.
* We've re-engineered and optimized it so you can run 2, 3 or more instances in one project! Of course, if you go above 3 instances running at once, it may become unstable.
* AUv3 also handles MIDI better. Use your favorite iOS host like AUM to route MIDI to different instances
* AUv3 mode defaults to CPU efficient mode on, which means you don't see the knob animation on LFOs. BTW, this makes it easier to set LFO targets. This can be changed in the "Settings" button to the upper left of the keyboard
* There's a new keyboard hide/show icon that appears at the top of the AUv3 mode to make it easier to show/hide bottom panels in AUv3 mode
* We can't wait to hear the music you make with D1 as an AUv3

* The app will just get better & better - stay tuned!

Email bugs, music, & friendly notes to: hello@audiokitpro.com
We're working hard to improve the app for you!

Stay tuned!

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.9 von 5
177 Bewertungen

177 Bewertungen

Seehoferhorst ,

Traum Synth. der in jede Studiolandschaft gehört.

Der erste „4 free“ war schon echt cool, sein Nachfolger ebenfalls „4 free“ so la,la. Bei dem zweiten Gerät war mir nicht klar, wo die Reise hingeht. Für knapp 6 Euro bekommt man nunmehr einen intelligent und frisch designten Megasynth.
Die Sounds sind durchweg zu gebrauchen. Fette Cinemasounds, leckere 80er Varianten, ein netter Moog, Smoothie‘s, schöne Jazzthemen (Wiedererkennungseffekt, Roland, Korg, Yamaha) Mich Haut das Teil richtig von den Socken. Macht Spaß damit zu arbeiten. In teilen schöner als der z. B. Sunrizer und Arturia. Aber das ist Geschmacksache. Für das bisschen Geld, alles richtig gemacht. Großes Lob an die Produzenten, Jungs, Go ahead with it, i‘ll follow. Brgds, Mike

carsten.herbst ,

Super Synth mit top Support !

Der Synth ist schlicht der Hammer, ein beinahe blofeld Killer in App Format.
Wenn noch Multitimbral als Feature hinzukommt braucht man kaum noch was anderes, und das tolle : der Entwickler hört seinen Kunden zu und versucht alles was nur geht umzusetzen, darum 5 Sterne - mehr gehen leider nicht, verdient hätte die App 5 Millionen ;->

Hugo 075 ,


Schade, der Digital D1 ist allein ein sehr guter Synthesizer, ich habe ihn aber gekauft um ihn in GarageBand als Audio Unit Erweiterung zu nutzen und da liegt das Problem. Wie bei vielen anderen Apps auch, läuft der D1 nicht stabil und ist von ständigen Abstürzen geplagt, vor allem als Live Loop. So kann ich die sehr guten Klänge in GarageBand leider nicht nutzen. Genau wie Syntronik oder Arturia iSEM läuft der D1 in GarageBand nicht stabil. Es gibt nur wenige Apps, die da eine Ausnahme machen z.B. Roli Noise, Ruismaker oder SynthMaster. So hätte ich lieber in einer dieser Apps, in ein neues Soundpaket investieren sollen, anstatt mir den D1 zu kaufen, den ich jetzt in GarageBand nicht wirklich nutzen kann. Zumindest auf dem iPad Air2 läuft er als Audio Unit Erweiterung in den LiveLoops einfach nicht rund. Bei Syntronik und Arturia gab es diesbezüglich leider nie ein Update, also mache ich mir beim D1 auch keine große Hoffnung. Mal sehen, vielleicht werde ich ja eines Besseren belehrt. Sonst hat der Digital D1 aber schöne Klänge mit denen sich gut arbeiten ließe.


AudioKit Pro, LLC
357.2 MB

Erfordert iOS 10.3 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPad.



Kennzeichnung: 4+
© Built with AudioKit
16,99 €
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  2. D1 PCM Expansion-01 Gratis


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