Pick and choose from an ever-expanding toolkit of modules. Use any combination of REST, GraphQL and WebSocket sources. Authenticate, perform regular expressions, run Javascript, generate dates, hashes, nonces, and much more.

Auxl provides a flexible space to interact with APIs of any complexity. Whether it's sending a simple form, uploading a file to S3, or building out a custom authentication scheme.

Use the output of a module as input for another to create dynamic configurations and payloads. Great autocomplete support makes it easy to discover and insert variables.

Auxl's console-style output reduces clutter by putting you in control of what gets displayed. It's themeable, has great syntax highlighting, preview support, and handles large responses with ease.

**Robust & Full-Featured**
Auxl's full-featured, high performance HTTP client supports a wide range of standards and protocols, including: HTTP/2, Brotli, and TLS 1.3. Auxl allows you to build AWS v4, OAuth, HAWK and other flows with ease.

**Secure & Private**
Your secrets and passwords are kept safe by default with strong encryption. Enable full project encryption for an additional level of security. At no point does any of your information leave your Mac.

**A Native Experience**
Enjoy excellent performance, great battery life and a look and feel that is right at home on macOS. Auxl runs natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs.

**Reuse & Increase Productivity**
Create snippets of your compositions to quickly reuse them. Your most used operations are just a few keystrokes away.

**Extend and Automate**
Use Javascript to write assertions and data transformations. Automate authentication flows by building exit conditions for browsers and web sockets. Integrate anything you need with custom shell scripts.

**Learn by Example**
You'll find that working with Auxl is very intuitive. However, it you need it, ample documentation and examples are included.


Version 1.1.0

Auxl 1.1.0


- Integrate shell scripts using the Task node
- Use externally provided Javascript libraries in the script node
- Sticky selection keeps current selection active
- Invert selection selects everything but the current selection
- New light- and dark theme: Corporate
- Document editor now supports highlighting various programming languages.


- Files are now saved in a SCM friendly format (unless they’re encrypted)
- Default URL protocol scheme now configurable under network settings
- Document Editor now has configurable line endings
- File nodes can now be connected to aux to use its metadata
- File node output now allows you to open the referenced file in the finder
- Document editor selection now easier to use with languages that use dot notation
- Document editor no longer loses focus when switching between output and inspector
- Document editor now highlights the current line number


- Fixed issue where line numbers where incorrectly calculated
- Fixed issue where secret key for encryption would be rotated inadvertently
- Fixed issue for nodes being blurry on non-retina screens
- Various stability and performance improvements

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