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Late fees and overdraft charges can be more than $30 each, and can kill your credit score - that means a few little mistakes can cost you hundreds, or even prevent you from getting a loan! Say goodbye to wasteful charges and calls from creditors. Get control over your financial life with Money Master - the bill organizer and expense tracker built for you!

Money Master is the bill tracker that gives you and your family control over your finances - see your upcoming bills, get a reminder when they're due, and pay them on time! Money Master can help you break out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle!

How it works:

- Start by choosing how YOU want to see your money - if you want, you can tell Money Master exactly when you get paid, or you can opt to organize your bills on a weekly, or daily basis.

- Bills arrive in the mail almost daily, but you don't always have the time or money to pay them right away - use Money Master to quickly note how much is due, who to pay, and when it's due in seconds, on whatever device you choose. And that's it!

- If a bill comes regularly - monthly, quarterly, annually, or just about anything in between, just let Money Master know! When you mark a bill as paid, Money Master will automatically set the next date, so you won't forget, and you won't have to enter that bill again!

- Every week, we'll remind you what's coming due - now's your chance to get everything paid, so you don't need to worry about it! As you pay a bill, mark it in Money Master, so we won't nag you again, or just tell us about them all at once!

- Wrote a check, or made a payment that hasn't shown up in your bank account yet? Just tell Money Master that the payment hasn't cleared - we won't nag you about a late payment, and YOU can track of the money that you've spent, but the bank is telling you about. Say goodbye to overages!

- Every morning, we'll take a look to see if anything is due today - if there is, we'll let you know, so you can take care of it before that late fee shows up!

Become the master of your money, with Money Master!

Features? Yeah, we got features! Get a load of this:

- Organize your upcoming bills by YOUR PAY SCHEDULE. Always know what's due this pay period!
- Mark a bill as 'Paid but not cleared', and see your Uncleared Payments instantly. Know exactly what you have left to spend!
- Select any combination of bills for a Running Total of what's due!
- Instantly see what bills are overdue.
- Weekly forecast notification for upcoming bills.
- Daily notification if you have any overdue bills, or bills that are due TODAY.
- Face ID/Touch ID or Passcode protection. Keep those prying eyes out!
- Simple iCloud syncing. See your bills on your iPhone or your iPad, wherever you are!
- Save your eyes with our beautiful Dark Mode, supported on iOS 13!

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Version 1.5.4

Fixed a crash, and a bug that made selecting multiple bills on the iPad impossible

Win the battle against late fees with Money Master!


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