We had no choice. We had to build Blink or we were going to jump out the window in frustration over the tools we were using. We started by analyzing what the must-haves were and we ended up grounding Blink on these four concepts:

• Fast rendering: dmesg in your Unix server should be instantaneous. We can't wait even a second to render. We didn't need to reinvent the wheel to make this happen. We simply used Chromium's HTerm to ensure that rendering is perfect and fast, even with those special, tricky encodings.
• Always on: Mosh transcends SSH's variability. Mosh overcomes the unstable and intermittent connectivity that we all associate with mobile connections. You can check your Safari without fear of having to restart the SSH connection. You can flawlessly jump from home, to the train, and then the office thanks to Mosh. Blink is rock-solid connected all the way. Mosh is readily available and can be easily installed on your server. Go to
• Best Keyboard Support: Blink embraces Bluetooth-coupled keyboards with gusto. Some like Caps as Esc on Vim, others Caps as Ctrl on Emacs. Blink champions them all. During your always-on sessions, you're in your zone.
• Custom Fonts and Themes: We know how important it is to have your terminal, your way. That's why we include a selection of fonts and themes, including Powerline variants. And if that isn't enough, you can create and add your own.

But, Blink is much more. Please read on.

• You should command your terminal, not navigate it. Blink will jump you right into a friendly shell and it'll be clear to you how to roll.
• The interface is straightforward. We dumped all menus and went full screen for your terminal. Use swipe to move between your open connections, slide down to close them, and even pinch to zoom!
• Configure your Blink connections by adding your own Hosts and PKI keys. Synchronise with iCloud. Everything will look familiar and you get to work, fast!
- We've incorporated SplitView and multiple windows, for those necessary Google searches and chats with coworkers.

Blink is open source software. Participate in our community, and don’t forget to leave us your feedback and your feature(s) requests. Enjoy!


Version 14.0.5

Happy New Year everyone!!
We are very close to release Blink 15, that will bring major changes (check our Twitter). But we did not want to hold some other cool new features and major fixes. Enjoy!

- We made big changes to our SSH Configuration.
- You can now define per Host SSH Configuration settings, like ForwardAgent, for those details that do not have a UI interface.
- We also added support for ForwardTunnel and RemoteTunnels in the configuration, so you do not have to define them at the CLI anymore. Just set them there, and all the tunnels will be started with every connection.

- FileProvider directory create and item rename
- FileProvider item rename and deletion
- FileProvider can now extract zip and archives to the remote.
- FileProvider issues traversing paths with accents. Fixes #1321

- SSHClient uses the server SHA fingerprint format for host key, as it is the standard.
- SFTP fixes when copying zero or unknown size files.
- SSH fixes. 2FA on a corner case authentication.
- HostKey acceptance issues (#1296)
- Window state fixes to keep format properly.
- Fix known_hosts key format in ssh2 command. Fixes #1296
- history command outputs 500 lines by default. Added -a flag to list all history. Refs #1187
- Support user names with @. Fixes #1303
- Fira Code 6
- Better placeholder for HostName
- Mosh alias --no-ssh-pty to T.
- Fixed a crash when the logger could not write to the logging file while on background.
- SW and HW Keyboard fixes.
- Lots of fixes and crashes from TF, check out our commit logs for more information.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4,5 von 5
81 Bewertungen

81 Bewertungen

SchnickSchnack78 ,

Wunderbar !!!

Startet mit einer Shell und bietet alles was gebraucht wird. Definitiv ist der Preis gerechtfertigt :)

canis9finger ,

Täglich in Gebrauch - Funktioniert einwandfrei

Die Mosh-Verbindungen zu meinen Servern (Debian und macOS) funktionieren über etliche Tage hinweg bestens. Nach Jahren vom nervigen sich ständig neu anmelden müssen, ist mosh mit blink wie eine warme Sauna im Winter - Jemand schrieb hier wegen der kleinen Pfeiltasten: Das stört auch mich. Vielleicht gibt es da noch eine alternative Umsetzung, z.B. alle 4 Buttons deutlich größer und einfach nebeneinander... Der Preis hat mich am Anfang was abgeschreckt, aber blink ist aus meiner Sicht wirklich sein Geld wert... :-)

Peter_Goge ,

Das beste ist der erste Screen der app

Im Ernst, ich habe Blink seit 2 Minuten und das beste, was die App hat, kommt direkt zuerst.
Sie startet mit der Kommandozeile! Das ist das beste Konzept für solch eine App! Da wusste einer genau, was richtig ist! Und man kann links und rechts zwischen den verschiedenen Terminals wischen!
Und es gibt ein WWDC16 Theme!!!

Ok, jetzt probiere ich mal die App weiter aus. Das waren die Impressionen der ersten 2 Minuten! 22€ sind ihr Geld wert. Ihr werdet es beim ersten Screen der App merken! Kein Onboarding, kein Datenschutz gedönst, kein Launchscreen!


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