Are you a developer? Do you often deal with text? Do you have a fairly good understanding of command line interfaces and yet cannot for the life of you remember how one can possibly perform some of the most seemingly simple tasks such as decoding a url or computing an MD5 hash from within Terminal?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Boop might be for you. It's a magical place to paste some plain text and run some basic text operations on it. Goodbye, unreadable XML! So long, HTML entities! Au revoir, undecipherable time-stamps!

Boop allows you to get those simple tasks done in a native, safe, and welcoming environment without having to paste your precious data in some random website as many of us did before.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can import you own scripts to extend the built-in capabilities. If you're up for a challenge, Boop's open source codebase is waiting for you to bring it to the next level!


Version 1.4.0

Howdy peeps, thanks for using Boop! This update includes a new icon, a new design, and 13 new scripts.

- New icon inspired by mmshivesh
- New design
- Fixed an issue with the status bar
- Fixed the CSV to JSON script

New scripts:

- ASCII to Hex
- Hex to ASCII
- Binary to Decimal
- Decimal to Binary
- Decimal to Hex
- Hex to Decimal
- Fish Hex Path Converter
- Lorem Ipsum
- Sort JSON
- URL Defang
- URL Refang
- URL Entities Decode
- URL Entities Encode

I hope you'll like it, I know I do! Stay safe out there, and see you next time.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4,9 von 5
55 Bewertungen

55 Bewertungen

Julius_rei ,

Wow sehr hilfreich!

Ein must have für jeden Entwickler

PainthersMicha ,


Also das hätte ich nicht gedacht aber genau dieses Tool erleichtert mir so Einiges! Klasse, vielen Dank!

NotTheFirst_Henrik ,

Great Tool!

This is an excellent tool with much potential for the future! You can do many of the things you normally use many different websites for much quicker with this app. I hope the Developer will add more possibilities to his app to make it even better.
I would even pay, let's say one to three dollars, for the current functionality.

The app is very good, but seriously the name is, well, slightly irritating... I am sure there's a better one


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