Carbon Trim lets you find carbon costs of daily actions and set reminders to build eco-friendly habits! Here's how:

- Lets you check how every aspect of your day’s routine ties back to some form of environmental impact, right from your choices of food, to the stuff you buy, to your home energy use and your transport options.
- Allows you to set reminders to build green habits. You can remind yourself to switch off the water heater or to try out a vegan meal or to take a bus on weekends. Whatever suits you!
- Lets you text-search for items or scan images to automatically detect objects and show their carbon costs in a simple way.
- Gives the relative carbon cost of any action you take in terms of a car drive, equivalent plastic bags used, amount of petrol used etc, which makes understanding any level of environmental impact easy.
- Uses hashtags to link one type of lifestyle choice to others with similar categories and carbon emissions, so that you can discover more and more about each of the small decisions you take everyday.
- Shares simple tips to reduce the footprint of your lifestyle by making green carbon trade-offs in multiple ways.

Carbon Trim is currently in its early stages of testing, and we hope to add more useful features with your feedback. There's a handy feedback button within the app that lets you share screenshots to report bugs and suggestions!


Version 1.17

New section added with commonly asked questions about the climate crisis. More content (and improvements) will be added soon! Additionally, tweaked some sections of the UI and fixed UI level bugs.


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