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*We are CarCollect*
With an enthusiastic team of young professionals, we work on one common ambition everyday: to make the online trading of vehicles easier, faster, and more profitable. We bring supply & demand together for various services aiming on becoming the largest automotive network in the world. All on one platform, where every organization has the opportunity to work with it for free!

*Buying via CarCollect*
Every day, on average, about +300 vehicles are added to the CarCollect trading platform. This ranges from new vehicles and used vehicles, to ex-lease vehicles and damaged vehicles. The offer is very diverse and therefore suitable for all types of companies, from large to small. In addition, you can receive notifications when vehicles of your interest are added to the platform. Place bids and buy directly from the seller with no expensive middlemen and no fixed subscription. Easily recognize the best vehicles from your favorite sellers. All vehicle data is transparently presented to you. Buy with confidence and grow your business!

*Selling via CarCollect*
Since 2010 we have been helping organizations of all sizes from various parts of Europe to improve their trading activities by providing management tools for effective process optimization. With CarCollect you easily increase your trading performance and receive bids on your trade vehicles. Over 3,000 traders are online every day. CarCollect is a dealmaker. We achieve a high conversion rate (1 to 3) and we are proud of that! Over 4,000 companies are at your disposal daily, as well as affiliated external auction houses and wholesalers. All this on one platform, where every organization has the possibility to work with it for free. You even have the possibility to link your auctions to international auction houses.

*Create your own community*
Link your company to CarCollect's most active trading network, without compromising your own built-up relationships. The CarCollect community is growing every day. Get immediate access to a large group of trade relations. Creating your own community has never been easier. Invite your own built-up relationships or make use of CarCollect's inexhaustible network of automotive professionals. Because of the enormous diversity of companies and interests, finding the right offer or buyers is a given. Create your desired community through groups, this way the right companies are shown immediately, matching your preferences!

*One platform for your sales, purchasing, administration, management & ICT*
Easily manage your entire trading process online, from valuation to administrative, logistical processing and more. With CarCollect you benefit from a simple, transparent, and efficient automotive trade platform. Our dynamic and innovative software enables us to facilitate the perfect trading process for any automotive company. By thinking creatively and using the right technologies, we build intelligent connections between global supply and demand in the automotive world. CarCollect is a platform that works and thinks alongside you, while providing you with the full control and provides real-time insights. You will be able to valuate and purchase vehicles online quickly and easily. CarCollect is fully responsive and can, therefore, be used via any device.

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