Chameleon is an AUv3 compatible sampler instrument plugin for your favourite DAW.

The program can run as a standalone app in order to record audio samples from the internal microphone or professional audio interface. It also supports incoming Inter-App Audio connections for sampling directly from other iOS applications, however it is primarily intended to be used as an AUv3 Instrument plugin for applications such as Cubasis, AUM, Auria, Meteor, Gargeband etc. The plugin can additionally be loaded as an AUv3 effect in order to record audio passing through it from other AUv3 Instrument sources, which makes it a very versatile and useful tool.

So what is a sampler? A sampler is a device that allows you to imitate other instruments with just a few short audio snippits. Although it comes with a library of presets it also allows you to create your own. You do this by recording multiple audio clips and mapping them to the notes on a MIDI keyboard and Chameleon does the rest using a sophisticated pitch shifting algorithm to fill in the blanks. Recorded samples can either be layered or mapped freely over a 7 octave range and saved as individual presets. Presets are then organised into custom categorised banks which can be exported and shared with others.

Just think, you can sample all your favourite synth sounds and carry them around on your iPhone/iPad without the inconvenience of lugging heavy gear around with you. Sample anything from musical instruments to vocal snippits, drum machines or ambient noises. The possibilities are endless.

Recording is incredible easy. Just create a New Patch and press record. Chameleon will wait for you to play a note before recording begins. Once recorded press the LEARN button and tap the note range on the virtual or MIDI keyboard to map the sample. Repeat this as many times as required, tweak the settings and save your patch. Additionally you can setup loop points with the ability to apply crossfade.

Chameleon also has a quite sophisticated arpeggiator which allows you to create complex mixtures of notes and chords with glide, hold and re-triggering options.

On board reverb, digital delay and chorus effects are available to give your samples a more polished touch. We also include 4 touch pads for quickly dialing in on a sound or for easy effect automation. Configurable touch ADSR and modulation options are available too.

Chameleon can also import audio samples using iOS Files integration or you can make use of Copy / Paste to quickly drop one of more samples into a patch. You can also freely edit samples using the built in tools such as normalise, fade in, fade out, crop, clear options etc.

You can run Cameleon as a standalone app and map external MIDI keyboards (Bluetooth MIDI support also included) and perform audio sampling outside of your DAW. This is provided for convenience since you can't record input when hosted as an AUv3 Instrument plugin. As mentioned earlier you can also load the app as an AUv3 Effect plugin too which allows you to record directly from other AUv3 instruments.

Yes some DAW's have built in samplers which only have the ability to playback libraries provided with the software. Chameleon allows you to built your own libraries of sounds and share them with others. There's a budding rapper in you dying to get out and we have just the tool!


AUv3 Instrument and AUv3 Effect compatible
Runs as a standalone app for sampling purposes.
Supports incoming IAA connections to compatible apps..
ADSR touch envelopes and modulation.
ARP - Sophisticated programmable arpegiator.
Reverb, Chorus and Digital Delay Effects with BPM sync.
Backup and Restore patches and banks.
Create your own user banks.
4 Touch Pads for automation.
16 MIDI Drum Pads
iOS Files App support for import and export.
MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI and virtual keyboard support as a standalone app.
Loop Points and optional Crossfade supported.
Monophonic and Polyphonic modes
Built in Vocoder.


Version 1.15

Added a full screen mode which also works in GarageBand.
Added the ability to Import, Export, Backup and Restore when running under a host application.
Added Files App drag and drop of samples to the 'Samples' list box.
Worked on visual optimisations.

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6 Bewertungen

6 Bewertungen

touchcoder ,

wo ist Chameleon?

Anstatt wie jedes AU-Plugin nach seinem Namen zu listen, heißt die AU-Version „Sampler FX“. Wie. idiotisch ist das denn?

Ansonsten toller Sampler im „AKAI“-Style.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

I assume you managed to get it working in AUM and Cubasis now? I understand why it is potentially confusing but if you have issues using the app please contact me directly via FaceBook (@4pocketsaudio) where I can help rather than posting a bad review.

amato opera ,

Loop Start /Loop End fehlen als Auv3 controls

Ich habe mir diese App extra wegen der Möglichkeit, Loop Start und Loop end zu setzen gekauft. Da es sich um eine Auv3 App handelt, bin ich selbstverständlich davon ausgegangen, dass diese Parameter über die Controls z.B. in Apematrix manipulierbar sind, leider ist das nicht der Fall, hier müsste dringend nachgebessert werden.
Die Antwort des Entwicklers, dass man das nicht erwarten könne, lässt zu wünschen übrig, denn z.B. beim OP-1 ist diese Arte des Zugriffs, der auch Automatisierung mit einschließt, selbstverständlich , was soll also diese absolut phantasielose Antwort des Entwicklers? Wenn er Looppoints in einer Auv3-app anbietet, sollten diese sich auch automatisieren lassen, zumal das ganze Auv3 Konzept darauf angelegt ist, alle Parameter auch von außen steuern zu können. Ansonsten hätte er eindeutig in der Beschreibung darauf hinweisen müssen, dass diese Parameter nicht steuerbar sind. In anderen Apps ist das selbstverständlich, auch wenn das manchmal ob der Fülle zur Unübersichtlichkeit führt. Also nachbessern, damit der Auv3-Standard erfüllt wird!

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Loop points are not something you would normally expect to automate remotely, but something configured as part of the preset which remains static since perfect looping takes time to achieve and not something you can do on the fly in real time.

Hanniball Hansen ,

Macht einen guten Eindruck

Aber wie kann man, wenn man Start- und Endpunkte gesetzt hat, den Bereich als Loop laufen lassen um zu hören, ob die Punkte richtig getroffen sind?

Entwickler-Antwort ,

As Long as 'Loop Points' is enabled (turned on) Chameleon plays from the start of the sample and when it hits the end loop point it cycles back to the start loop point. You should be able to hear it loop.


Limelight Software
238.9 MB

Erfordert iOS 11.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.



8,99 €


  • Familienfreigabe

    Wenn die Familienfreigabe aktiviert ist, können bis zu sechs Familienmitglieder diese App verwenden.

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