eCooltra is now Cooltra
Cooltra is the mobility app for renting motorcycles and electric scooters as well as a motosharing service in 6 cities. If you knew eCooltra, we now offer daily and monthly motorcycle rental so you can ride whenever and wherever you want.
Avoid traffic jams and say goodbye to hours spent looking for parking spots. Rent your motorcycle or electric scooter and ride all around Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon, Milan, and Rome without wasting your precious time.
Cooltra Motosharing Services
With Cooltra, formerly known as eCooltra, you can locate and book an electric scooter in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon, Milan, and Rome. Find it on the app´s map, ride it to your destination and park it wherever you like. All you need is your smartphone and you will only pay for the ride you take!
What´s more, you can now rent motorcycles by the day or by the month, for journeys around the city or the outskirts, improving mobility on your trips.
Cooltra Motosharing (formerly known as eCooltra) is available in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon, Milan, and Rome with the aim of making your urban rides easier through an electric scooter rental service, offering Europe´s largest fleet of scooters. Welcome to the motosharing and carsharing revolution, where sharing a vehicle is useful, cheap, and sustainable. All you need is a valid driving licence.
Whether you live, work or plan to travel to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Milan, Rome, or Lisbon, it is great to move around on a scooter. Even more if the vehicle is electric, ecological, and sustainable.
How does renting an electric scooter work?
1) Locate on the Cooltra app map, from a large fleet of electric scooters to share, the closest one and press the “Reserve” button.
2) Make your way to the vehicle and, by tapping the "Beep - Beep" button in the app, the scooter will make a sound and the turn signals will light up. Next, "Slide to start" the ride.
3) Choose one of the two helmets that come with the scooter (approved and safe) and turn it on by pressing the START button on the scooter’s right handlebar.
4) Once you have reached your destination, park wherever you like, always following the parking regulations.
5) Put the helmet back in the scooter and "Slide to end ride".
You can rent and ride the Cooltra electric scooters whenever you need it. Improve your mobility by riding around in the most agile and sustainable way, with two helmets available for you!
Advantages of the app
√ Only pay for the minutes you ride.
√ Insurance included covering you and your passenger.
√ Forget about maintenance and charging the battery.
√ Europe´s largest fleet of scooters.
√ How do you find your electric scooter to share? Click on the "Beep - Beep" app button and, like magic, you will hear it among the other vehicles.
√ Say goodbye to endless traffic jams or parking issues by parking right in front of your destination.
√ If you really believe in a better and more sustainable world, jump onboard the new mobility and help us to save more than 1,000 tons of CO2 per year.
When could Cooltra be useful to me?
Cooltra will be useful to you only if you have a valid driving license. Had you never heard of motosharing or carsharing before? Instead of bearing the costs associated with your own motorcycle or car, why not share an electric scooter with others in your city? Ride a scooter to work, to meetings, to dinner with your partner, to do some shopping, etc. Cooltra is always useful and is available in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon, Milan and Rome.
If you have any questions or comments about the app write to hello@cooltra.com.
* Signing up for the app requires providing proof via photo, of a valid driving license.
** Renting electric scooters is subject to the conditions of use and the availability of vehicles on the map.
*** For the moment, Cooltra motosharing is available in the following cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Rome, Milan and Lisbon.


Version 4.1

In this new version:
- We have improved the map so that you can see the vehicle information more easily and faster.
- We have added a counter on the invite friends screen so that you know how many have used your code to sign up.
- We did some artistic tweaks to improve the design and information displayed on the “My Rides” screen.
- We changed the algorithms for assigning chat queues, so that you have priority if you contact us with an active ride.
And, as always! The classic and never missing... "we have corrected small errors".

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

3.6 von 5
21 Bewertungen

21 Bewertungen

Bá Schmetterling ,


I love the freedom we have when riding and that one can leave it anywhere! They are well kept and the costumer support is outstanding!

The only thing is that there is not enough bikes! One needs some at the station in Rossio Station in Lisbon and near Graça Borough!

Johannfreiheit ,

Einfach Praktisch und macht Spaß

Die Roller stehen einfach überall man muss höchstens 200m laufen um den nächsten zu finden. Die Bedienung der App ist selbsterklärend und einfach. Bei Problemen bekommt man sehr schnell und unproblematisch Hilfe und eine Lösung des Problems. Mir hat es sehr viel Spaß gemacht im Urlaub damit die Stadt zu erkunden sehr empfehlenswert.

cononudoo ,

Aktueller Code 30 min gratis "rdbjz"

APP funktioniert super. Die Roller machen Spaß. Man kann überall in der Stadt damit fahren und es gibt in Madrid sehr viele davon, so daß man eigentlich immer einen findet.


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Daten, die zum Tracking deiner Person verwendet werden

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  • Kontakt­informa­tionen
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Die folgenden Daten werden möglicherweise erfasst und mit deiner Identität verknüpft:

  • Gekaufte Artikel
  • Finanz­informa­tionen
  • Standort
  • Kontakt­informa­tionen
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  • Kennungen
  • Nutzungs­daten
  • Diagnose

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  • Familienfreigabe

    Wenn die Familienfreigabe aktiviert ist, können bis zu sechs Familienmitglieder diese App verwenden.

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