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With Create Booklet anything can be printed as a booklet. When you read on paper print a booklet instead of a stack of pages. It's more convenient to hold and saves paper. It's for every one from casual reading to pamphlets.
Create Booklet is a super easy booklet creator.
Since 2005 Create Booklet has been the standard for Mac, it's about time we released it for iPhone and iPad!

What is a Booklet?
A booklet is a double sided printing you fold so it becomes a small book.
For this to work, all pages are shrunk so that two pages fit per sheet side. More over these pages are resorted so when you fold the paper, the first pages is on the front and page 2 is exactly of the backside of this page etc.

Your life will become more comfortable for just the price of a single cup of nice coffee. You get a complete solution to save a lot of paper (and thus the rainforest) and comfortably read booklets — instead of having to handle stacks of papers.

Built for you!
Create Booklet is built to be instant and easy. Still if you are missing a feature let us know! You know we listen!


• Support for Cloud Drives: Access your PDFs right from within Create Booklet. No matter if it's on iCloud, DropBox or other solutions.
• Duplex correction: We don't know why, but many printer drivers have problems with booklets. A booklet needs short-sided-binding duplex. So if your printer has trouble with that, Create Booklet has the solution: Pre-Rotated Backsides :-)
• Right to left languages: If your text is right to left, your booklet needs to be that way, too – “no problemo”.
• Landscape booklets: You have a landscape PDF? Create Booklet can make it into a landscape booklet.
• Zoom pages: If you want to e.g. fit two US Letter pages onto one US Letter sheet, this will create a margin. Create Booklet can help you with it's page zoom to minimize margins. (Still we recommend fitting formats, DIN A or US Letter onto US Legal and vice versa.)

Customers love it
Here are some comment on Create Booklet for Mac.
“OMG! This is about the best and most valuable utility I have found in a loooong time. Finally I can create and print booklets from within Quark XPress without having to pay a fortune for their Printcollection XTension. Thank you so much!!!” — Guido Henkel

“Wow. I wish this existed years ago, or that I'd known about it. [...]. Thank YOU.” — Mark

“THANK YOU for Create Booklet! I have used it several times now to print out playbills for my children's various school plays, and it has been an absolute lifesaver. […]” — William W. Lin

“[…] I came across this site, and it was almost like a Christmas miracle ;-) Thanks so much for making and sharing Create Booklet. It works perfectly and really helped me out.” — Dan

“[…] This Create booklet may just save my wedding :) […]” — Tim

“Create Booklet is simply amazing. Drop dead simple to use, and the results are perfect.” — Nate

“Thank you SO MUCH - this program is a life-saver. Or at least a hair-saver, because I was about ready to pull mine out! Thank you!” — Linda Lewis

“WOW!!! Thank you so much - entered a new world of printing.” — Patrick

Why Create Booklet

• Easistestest: Because any booklet is just a tap away thanks to Create Booklet. It's that easy!
• It's a Booklet: Means fun to hold and read, saves paper and that way you're protecting the rainforest (uses only a 4th of a typical print).
• Productive: Create Booklet has many ways to get a document in, choose whatever fit's your situation.
• Blazing fast: Any booklet is created in seconds.


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Twitter: @TheKeptPromise


Version 1.1

• Allow "over-zooming" on pages
• Create Booklet Action Extension

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

3,5 von 5
8 Bewertungen

8 Bewertungen

Klaus & Jude ,

Bitte mit PDF-Export!

Ohne PDF-Export ist man auf AirPrint beschränkt, was die Nützlichkeit doch sehr einschränkt.

neuer IPad-Nutzer ,

ich bin begeistert ....

Create Booklet ist für mich eine MUST HAVE APP, die ich zum Drucken nicht mehr missen möchte.
Sie ist sehr, sehr einfach zu benutzen! Als ich dennoch eine Frage hatte wurde sie mir schnell und geduldig im Support (Email) beantwortet.
(In dem Fenster auf dem Screenshot mit zwei Fingern rein zoomen. Dann kannst du teilen.) .... ich bin begeistert.

Nun muss ich es nur noch schaffen, dass mein Druckertreiber, den ich über mein Ipad nutze, auch über die kurze Seite den doppelseitigen Ausdruck ausführt. Sonst muss ich halt weiterhin die erzeugte pdf-Datei zum Drucken auf meinen PC schieben.

GL-380 ,


Wirklich schade, dass kein IPad und nicht mal ein Pro von sich aus den Booklet-Druck beherrscht. Diese App verspricht endlich Abhilfe und hält sie auch ein. Wenn man bedenkt wie viel Papier und andere Ressourcen - oder Nerven, wenn man es doch irgendwie anders hin bekommen will - man damit spart ist auch der Preis angemessen. Klare Empfehlung!


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