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Dario Klepoch

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Are you learning Japanese? Then you need to try DaKanji!

Use the built-in dictionary to look up words in many languages, search Kanjis by simply drawing them, add furigana to texts, and much more!

Feature overview:

* Recognize 6500+ Kanji and all Kana offline by just drawing them
* Use the inbuilt dictionary to look up words offline
* Multi-language support: en, es, de, fr, ...
* Detailed information about words: pitch accent, related words, ...
* Detailed information about Kanji: radicals, JLPT, ...
* Example sentences
* Drawing or radical-based kanji lookup
* 6000+ audios
* Read any text with ease by adding furigana, spaces, and more to texts
* Use it on all your devices: iPhone, iPad or MacOS, DaKanji works everywhere to make you as productive as possible!


Version 3.3.3

v3.3.3 - 仮名

New Features:

- Kana chart
- Includes all common (and not-so-common) kana
- Mnemonics for the main kana
- Sounds for all available kana


- Better organized settings
- Some fresh paint with Material 3 and Flutter 3.16
- New dictionary data
- Examples 50% smaller


- Various UI fixes
- Text screen selection buttons when no text is selected / available
- DoJG asking twice to import

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