Dato is a replacement for the system menu bar clock.

By default, it looks exactly the same, but when you click it, you get a small calendar, calendar events, the current time in various time zones, and more.

Dato supports all the locales and languages that macOS supports for the menu bar text, dates, times, and the calendar, but the menus are English-only.

The calendar events are read-only. There's currently no support for adding/editing events. However, you can quickly open an event in your main calendar app an edit it there.

Note to Chinese users:

■ Features

- Calendar, optionally with week numbers and event indicators.
- Your upcoming events for the next week (customizable) at a glance.
- Time zones, optionally with custom names.
- Custom format for the date & time in the menu bar.
- Highlight certain days of the week in the calendar.
- Search time zones by city (15k cities included offline).
- Supports all calendar services that the built-in Calendar app supports (iCloud, Google, Outlook, etc).
- Fully customizable.
- Lots of in-app keyboard shortcuts for power users.
- Global keyboard shortcut to open/close the app. (macOS 10.15 and later)
- Supports calendar events with HTML formatted notes.
- Show seconds in the menu bar clock or in the menu. (Optional)
- Zoom meeting and Google Meet integration. (Shows icon on events and button to quickly join)
- Open calendar events from Google Calendar directly in Google Calendar on the web.
- Custom color for the date & time menu bar item.
- Comes with multiple menu bar icons to choose from: date in calendar, date with border (like Itsycal), static clock, none. (macOS 10.15 and later)
- Comes with a Today widget in the Notification Center for time zones. (macOS 10.15 and later)
- Large text mode. (macOS 10.15 and later)

■ Tips

- Click the month & year label in the calendar (for example, “April 2020”) to change the selected day to “today”.
- Double-click a day in the calendar to open that day in the default calendar app.
(Supports: Calendar, Fantastical 2, BusyCal, Outlook)
- Press the arrow keys to change days in the calendar.
- Press the Space key to select today in the calendar.
- Swipe with two fingers on the calendar to change months, or press the left/right arrow keys while holding the Option key.
- Press the left/right arrow keys while holding the Shift and Option keys to change years in the calendar.
- Hold the Option key while clicking the calendar arrows to jump a year instead of a month.
- In the event details, press Command+C to copy the selected text.


〉 How can I toggle AM/PM for the time?

Dato adheres to what you have set in “System Preferences › Language and Region”.

〉 Can you add support for Google Calendar?

It's already supported. Just add your Google calendars to and then enable the calendars in the Dato preferences.

〉 How can I change the first day of the week?

Dato adheres to what you have set in “System Preferences › Language and Region”.

〉 I added a calendar to the Calendar app but it doesn't show up in Dato

You need to enable the calendar in “Dato › Preferences › Events”.

〉 Can you add support for showing an analog clock like the system clock?

I have no plans to add that, but you can make it work by unchecking the "Time" preference in Dato and keep the system clock.

〉 Can you add support for flashing the time separator like the system clock?

I have no plans to add that, but you can make it work by unchecking the "Time" preference in Dato and keep the system clock.

〉 Dato doesn't show up in the menu bar

When the menu bar grows too large, macOS hides overflowing items, so Dato might have been hidden. Try to close some of your other menu bar apps. There’s, unfortunately, no way for apps to detect this and warn the user.


Version 1.14.3

- “Open in Google Calendar” and “Join with Google Meet” now opens the correct Google account if you have calendars from multiple Google accounts.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

bassqualle ,

Easy, simple and brilliant

I use this app many times during a work day as a replacement of Apple's built-in time/date.

Best functionality is that a calendar opens when clicking on time/date in the taskbar. This allows to check a specific weekday/date of the current month or to peek on the calendar week number at a glance.

This is also a functionality available on Windows, which I missed on the Mac a lot. To work around, I opened iCal, which is now no longer necessary.
Also displaying the next upcoming appointments and additional time-zones is neat.

Sindre, the developer of Dato, appreaciates feedback and even implemented further improvements based on my feedback.
Thanks a lot!

Jay Soifer ,

Complete yet simple.

Straight to the point, "intuitive" UX. Extremely helpful for someone that needs to deal with several different timezones or regularly needs to check "which day of the week day X will be?".


Marcos Sánchez-Dehesa ,

Simple and Efficient == Great

It has everything I could ask for this kind of menu bar mini-app. 10 out of 10, would recommend! :D


Sindre Sorhus
3.4 MB

macOS 10.14.4 oder neuer, 64-Bit-Prozessor

3,49 €


  • Familienfreigabe

    Wenn die Familienfreigabe aktiviert ist, können bis zu sechs Familienmitglieder diese App verwenden.

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