Diagrams is a diagram editor for Mac that helps you increase the understanding of your structures and processes through visualization. Its approachable design, clean interface, crisp visual style, and streamlined canvas interactions allow you to produce beautiful diagrams and integrate them into your workflows in no time.

“Diagrams is extremely straightforward in what it aims to do, so you don’t have to spend time trying to understand how the app works.”
— Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

“Diagrams is a great app for creating flowchart-style diagrams. It’s Mac-native, and it shows. It conforms to all of the guidelines for a well-designed Mac app.”
— John Voorhees, MacStories


Interactive Canvas — Create diagrams on the canvas, the key area of the app, through direct manipulation of diagram objects. The canvas is fully interactive and employs powerful layout features that help streamline your workflows.

Elements & Relationships — Unlike generic vector graphics tools, Diagrams is specifically optimized for structured diagrams consisting of elements and relationships. By leveraging these core building blocks, you’ll create diagrams more quickly with no fiddling around.

Types — Each element and relationship is associated with a type that defines its meaning and its visual style. Utilize reusable types to make your diagrams more consistent and comprehensive.

Palettes — A palette is a collection of types attached to each new diagram. You can pick from built-in presets, customize existing palettes, or craft personalized palettes that contain only the types you need for your particular use cases.

The app encourages you to assign meaning to types, but you can decide to which extent you want to embrace it. Opt for the universal palette without any particular semantics, or make use of your very specific palette — or something in between.


• Truly native Mac experience
• Clean, distraction-free user interface
• Infinite canvas with streamlined interactions
• Smart grid layout and relationship routing
• Built-in palette presets for universal use cases and flowcharts
• Palette customization
• Variety of styling options: shapes, colors, text formatting
• Exporting to image or PDF formats


• Flowcharts for visualizing processes
• Software architecture design
• Simplified UML diagrams
• User interface flows
• Organizational charts
• Business, consulting, information architecture
• Planning, brainstorming, mind mapping
• ...and more!


You can find more information about the app, as well as a free 7-day trial, on our website:

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us via email at or on Twitter @diagramsapp.

Terms of Use: Apple’s Licensed Application EULA
Privacy Policy:


Version 2.0.1

• Corrected links of help buttons in the palette UI.

———— NEW IN VERSION 2.0 ————


Diagrams’ handling of palettes has been taken to a whole new level. Not only can you now choose from multiple palette presets, but you can also customize them for your use cases and even create your own palettes from scratch. The limitation to a fixed palette in all documents is gone.

A new palette customization interface, accessible from the toolbar and the main menu, supports you when crafting your element and relationship types, naming them, and configuring their visual attributes. Giving your types a meaning and reusing them in your diagrams allows you to work more efficiently and consistently.

• Added the ability to choose how to create new documents. You can now choose from one of the built-in presets (Universal, Grayscale, Flowchart), start with an empty palette, or load a palette from an existing document.
• Introduced a shortcut, Shift+Cmd+N (⇧⌘N), to quickly create a new document with an empty palette.
• Introduced a new interface for managing a palette in your documents. It allows you to add, duplicate, reorder, and remove types. Furthermore, you can use it to name types in the palette and configure their visual attributes.
• Alternatively, you can now create new types or edit existing ones in the in-canvas palette, which is primarily used for creating new elements and relationships.
• Added the “Palette” menu for palette customization actions.
• Added toolbar and main menu items, as well as the shortcut Cmd+1 (⌘1) for accessing the document palette.
• Added a context menu item to objects on the canvas — “Edit Type in Palette…” — which opens the document palette with the type of the clicked object selected.


There are new options available for styling your types, which complement the palette customization functionality. You can both pick from a broader set of element colors and format text. This flexibility will allow you to better differentiate between elements while still keeping your diagrams beautiful.

• Extended the set of element colors from four to nine. This includes grayscale options that are suitable for more professional diagrams.
• Support for bold, italic, underline, and code text options for element captions and relationship labels.
• Support for text alignment configuration in rectangular elements.
• Support for code-related ligatures when using the code text format option.
Introduced a new relationship head: a filled arrow.


Diagrams is now fully optimized for macOS Big Sur, and it runs natively on Macs with the brand-new Apple M1 chip.

• New app and document icons.
• Optimized user interface for macOS Big Sur.
• If you haven’t updated yet, you can still take advantage of the old UI language of macOS Catalina.
• Added Big Sur’s new system icons to context menus for a faster workflow (only for Big Sur and newer).
• Universal app that supports both the Intel and Apple Silicon architectures.

Diagrams 2.0 now requires macOS 10.15.2 or newer.

If you like this update and have a spare minute, please rate the app or leave a review on the App Store. It’s a great way to support us and it also helps other people find Diagrams.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.6 von 5
34 Bewertungen

34 Bewertungen

PickleRick21 ,

Einfach zu nutzen!

Ich mag die einfache Handhabung der App. Es gibt nicht so viel Kram den man einstellen muss und kann einfach loslegen. Für eine Version 1.0 super zuverlässig und stabil.

OliverH. ,

More to come …

Ein schöner Start mit dieser Anwendung: die Erstellung ansehlicher Diagramme geht flott von der Hand.
Allerdings stößt man doch sehr schnell an die Grenzen der App: selbst einfachste "Design"-Anpassungen wie die zu verwendende Schriftart lassen sich (noch?) nicht erledigen. Insofern wünsche ich dem Entwickler, dass der Erfolg nicht all zu schnell nachlässt und sich der Raum für "Mehr" zügig füllt.

_fhe_ ,

Beautiful, solid, and easy to use

Diagrams is one of the most well-crafted apps I've ever bought. It's very easy to use, beautifully designed, rock-solid, and has its focus on it's main purpose of making diagramming an easy task (which is probably the hardest part).
I've followed the development from the early stages and it just got even better with the new palette.


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