Dogamu is a unique tool that helps create and evolve your personal recipe for what makes you successful everyday. It does so by breaking down this recipe into three simple categories of personal development that together can a make a big impact in your life. These categories are presented in a single screen distraction-free user interface laid out in primary colors for conscious separation:

Red = DONT
Up front at the top are don’t-dos. Use this category to list your bad habits, time wasters, common mistakes, inefficiencies. Listing them can go a long way in eliminating them. Review regularly to prevent from creeping back in and update them when you successfully eliminate. This category often gets overlooked, but it can make a major difference!

Green = GOALS
Smack in the middle are your goals (what you really want to achieve). We recommend keeping these specific and short term. Break down long term goals into steps and list only the next steps

Yellow = MUSTS
These are things you must get done (commitments, non-negotiables, important errands). Get them done as quickly as possible. Create space for goals

80 / 20
Dogamu is based on the rule of 80 / 20 (80% of results come from doing 20% of things) and the idea that minimalism and focus go hand in hand. Therefore only a few slots are provided for each category. This forces you to funnel out and focus at a time on things which have the maximum impact

In today's ever changing world, what gets your closer to success can change very quickly. So review/update your Dogamu as often as you think is necessary to keep on track. Dogamu can help by providing you daily, weekly or monthly reminders. It’s also a great time to consolidate items from your to-do list. Weekly is default and recommended to be most effective. Setting up these reminders is super simple too.

Love your current Dogamu? Think its effective? You have the ability to capture a snapshot and save it in your Notes/Photos for future reference.
You can go one step further and share your Dogamu with friends (on all popular social channels). Its a great way to learn from each other as well as add accountability to your own don'ts, goals and musts.

So don't let it get lost in the tirade of to-dos! Use Dogamu to regain focus on what's important and impactful!

What's your Dogamu?


Dogamu LLC
2.3 MB

Erfordert iOS 10.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.





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