DominGen is the ultimate Dominion kingdom generator, letting you quickly and easily create playsets just like you would shuffling up a deck of kingdom selection cards.

• Generates random kingdom sets, but won't repeat cards until it runs out of options, ensuring that every round you play feels fresh
• Spotlights instructions for cards that need special setup so that you don't miss a thing
* Create kingdoms with Siri using shortcuts (iOS 12.0+ only)
• Handles selection for cards like Obelisk, Druid, Young Witch, and Way of the Turtle
• Save your favorite setups, and share them with friends (even if they don't have the app) or post them to the web
• Supports all Dominion sets, including Dominion (1st and 2nd editions), Intrigue (1st and 2nd editions), Seaside, Alchemy, Prosperity, Cornucopia, Hinterlands, Dark Ages, Guilds, Adventures, Empires, Nocturne, Renaissance, Menagerie, and promotional cards.
• Customize the way kingdom cards are picked with different options to support all kinds of house rules and preferences
• Design your own custom setups with a step-by-step picker
• Quickly access rules, strategies, and tips for each card through shortcuts to the Dominion Strategy Wiki
• View all cards across the different expansions
* Explore recommended sets by selecting different expansions
• Block and replace cards that your play group dislikes
• Go back in your history and see recent kingdoms you've generated
• Optimized for both iPhone and iPad


Version 1.12.0

* Updated code for better compatibility with the most recent versions of iOS
* Fixed an issue where replacing cards could result in cards disappearing from the kingdom
* Fixed a crash that could occur when replacing cards

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4,8 von 5
9 Bewertungen

9 Bewertungen

Zirbelkiefer ,

Best Dominion Randomizer for iOS

Complete (all expansions as of Dec 2020) randomizer for the Dominion board game.

Very pleasant user experience, including card art etc rather than just text.

The recommended kingdom setups are pleasantly browsable depending on your collection.

The only criticism is that I didn’t find this app when searching for ‚Dominion‘ on the App Store. Maybe the developer can drop a keyword at some appropriate spot.


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