DrumSetlist Manager is an advanced setlist manager for musicians who have to play a setlist of songs in a row and possibly also in several bands / ensembles.

The main advantage is the storage of songs / presets which then can be added in chains / setlists to provide a sequences for live concerts.

The built-in, audio frame accurate metronome function enables the musician to get the right timing for each new song in the setlist in audio and through walking LED's visually.

To have a reference of the Song to play you can store a link to an iTunes item in you music libraray and even play it through the app.

The built in help system makes it easy to sxplore all advanced functions of Drumsetlist Manager. All Help pages are also printable from the app to have the documentation also on papaer.

!!! There is a LITE version restricted to 10 Presets to test the app before buying, so check it out if it suites your needs !!!

- Landscape stage play screen with big buttons and letters for live playing.
- Song import from iTunes playlists with automatic setlist generation.
- Application preferences for customizing the user experience
- Built in help system, printeable from the app
- Setlists can be printed from the app
- Midi Support (external Midi adapter necessary)
- Airturn and IK multimedia Blueboard support for handsfree operation
- Practise Manager with the 40 rudiments, Timing, Odd meter and Song practise capabillities


Version 2.8.0

Compliance: iOS 12 ... 13

- Removed redundant graphics, moved files to appropriate folders
- Removed WebView in Help File Viewer
- Removed some deprecations
- Added Asset.catalog for the battery load indicator
- BPM Measurement stoops when Stage View is left
- Added 2x Grafics for the VU Measurement
- Made the Version screen an own Controller which is shared and retrives all info and Icons from the running App Itself
- All "Empty" Artwork now is filled with the app icon from the Bundle Extension
- Adjusted the Practise Manager Title Font to 20 like Chains and Presets
- Finished the Icon transfer to Assets
- Fixed some Constraint runtime issues
- PDFs no more under the Navbar hidden
- Updated the Airturn Framework and all Pods to minimum iOS12
- Fixed possible crashes in iPad Version: Edit Preset +/ BPM is crashing when no preset is available
- Removed old Icons from the Project
- Root View Controllers shows now Big Titles
- Changed Add and delete bahaviour to table item based, Bar navigation items removed
- Chain Table is now also editeable, deleteable through the Table cells and has sections and search Bar
- Audio Session plays system sounds whhile recording in iOS 13
- Fixed a bug where the "+" buttons in Stage screen would not enhance the Sequence and clef fields
- Fixed a bug where the InAppStoreController shows an alert not on the main thread in failure case.
- Added an Input Selector for cases when an external audio interface is connected
- Changed the Preference Menu from Plist to Code based
- Preferences now show the actual value in the table
- Incorporated the Audio Processing Framework into the local codebase
- Changed the Audio Processing completly to unblocking and updating the GUI through timers

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Andreas Schweiger
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Erfordert iOS 12.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPad.



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