The cutest head-to-head (literally) 2-player game on mobile device.

"When was the last time you played a 2-player game and had a blast together?"

Challenge your friends, grab each end of your device and get ready. Compete in a series of wild missions all specially designed for two players to play on the same screen. Featuring lively and adorable otters.

Having this game on your device is just like always having a game console and 2 controllers on you, ready to play together anytime!

Features :

- 13 highly-competitive games that will put your reaction speed, dexterity and finger muscles to the test.

- In Two Players Mode, beat your friend in 3 out of 5 games to win the match or play endlessly in big party in champion-stays-loser-switch style. Select each game as you like, or choose "Random" for the true test of dueling mastery.

- In Training Mode, perfect your skill before you ultimately facing off with your friends, or earn Achievement Points (AP) by defeating harder AI and completing special challenges.

- In Arcade Mode, play an arcade style, score attacking reimagined version of a game. How long could you last, and how much could you score?

- Colorful otters! ...and they can (kind of) speak.

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Version 2.1.0

# Version 2.1

Hello! Long time no see! Welcome to version 2.1.

## New Arcade Mode Games

- Two more games redesigned to Arcade Mode for you to enjoy alone while staying safe : Pump & Cookie.
- Pump Arcade : Human had been competitive to each other in various activities since ancient times. Fast forward to today in mobile world, there is nothing simpler and purer than a race of who could poke screen the fastest.
- Cookie Arcade : A few tweaks adds quite some depths to Cookie that was kinda a mess in 2P mode. Not just dexterity, you will also need accuracy and attention to get the most points out of this game. Good luck!

## iOS Game Center

- Leaderboard added : Weekly resets of all Arcade Mode games. This is added so you can then use Game Center's "Challenge" feature to keep your friends occupied each week. Play alone together!
- Leaderboard added : Total accumulated chilli. (Counted from all modes, even 2P and Training.)
- Leaderboard added : Technical performance for some arcade games. (Such as perfect count for Baseball Arcade) If you can't win in total score, try going for these instead!
- Achievements added : Accumulated chilli milestones. (Counted from all modes, even 2P and Training.)
- Achievements added : AP milestones.
- Achievements added : Training Hard difficulty / Challenge mastered count milestones.

## Minigames improvements

- Cookie : Touch handling improved, the hitbox is now more accurate to what you see.
- Cookie : Splitted cookie boxes are now darker, reducing visual clutter.
- Baseball : Added Arcade Mode exclusive tutorial explaining how to hit Perfect judgement.

## Others

- Maximum obtainable AP increased due to unlocking two Arcade Mode games granting you small AP.
- Options : Adjustable audio stability at the cost of increased audio latency.
- New music added to Garden. There is still nothing (?) in there yet however, so for now you can only go in and listen to it... more ways to utilize your chilli will be coming in future versions. Keep hoarding them for now!
- New server code : I have added a hidden unified server code which will allow cross-platform scoreboards, free save file backup/recovery service, and other exciting features in the future. This version will silently submit your scores as you play with no way to view them yet as a test run. If what I am seeing goes well, the next versions I will reveal more related features for you to enjoy.

Stay safe,
5argon - Exceed7 Experiments

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33 Bewertungen

TheChrizzly ,

Amazing idea!

The idea is just genius as there are too few offline-multiplayer mobile games!


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