DwellClick lets you use your Mac without clicking the mouse. You do the pointing, and DwellClick takes care of the clicks.
- Eliminate repetitive clicking. No more tired and sore hands.
- Click and drag with mouse movements only.
- Supports fully hands-free operation. Suitable for head-tracker users.
- Works with any kind of mouse, trackpad, or other pointing device.

DwellClick works by precisely monitoring your mouse movements, and generates a single click when you stop moving the mouse. You can also use DwellClick to double-click, right-click and drag by selecting from an on-screen panel.

Who is DwellClick for?
- People who experience hand and wrist pain or RSI resulting from mouse clicking.
- Mobility impaired users who have difficulty physically clicking a mouse button.
- Disabled Mac users who require software to go with their head-tracker or other hands-free pointing device.
- Anyone who wants to use their Mac without tired and sore hands.

DwellClick works seamlessly with Mac OS X and has multiple intelligent features which help it keep out of your way and do its job, while you do your job.

Some comments from DwellClick's users:

"I have no doubt that had an app like this existed 15 years ago, I wouldn't have RSI in my right arm now."

"I have limited use of my arms and hands. This tool is extremely helpful."

"Having already had my right wrist 'released' (carpal tunnel syndrome), I try to be careful about the stress and strain of repetitive motions. My situation is made worse by my inflammatory arthritis. DwellClick to the rescue!"

"DwellClick continues to be the reliable cornerstone of my hands-free computing access. Despite my quadriplegia I've been offered a job as a SysAdmin!"


Version 2.2.4

- Updated for compatibility with OS X 10.11.4.
- New minimum system requirement is OS X 10.9.

This update should fix any difficulties you have been having with DwellClick on OS X 10.11.4 in the past week. Thanks to everyone who helped with testing this update.

As of v2.2.4, DwellClick now requires OS X 10.9. The last version to support OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 is DwellClick v2.2.3. Mountain Lion users can reinstall v2.2.3 from the Mac App Store. Snow Leopard and Lion users can download DwellClick v2.2.3 from

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

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3 Bewertungen

3 Bewertungen

Klebi8 ,


I was a bit sceptical, seeing as there are no reviews etc. but I was kinda desperate. My clicking finger is all clicked out, I have major hand pain, as I always have to double click on words as part of my job. Anyway, I gave dwell a test run today and I am thrilled! It is so easy, and intuitive, and you can even drag and drop and all without a single click! My new fave app. Thank you!

schiko26 ,

Super kleiner Helfer – und super Support!

Das Programm ist echt ein genialer kleiner Helfer.
Was mir noch gefehlt hat war eine Option, dass der Autoclick nur erfolgt, wenn man den Finger auf dem Trackpad lässt.
So wird man nicht von dem ungewöhnlichen neuen Verhalten mit DwellClick überrascht und kann sich an das Programm gewöhnen.
Also habe ich den Entwickler am Dienstag angeschrieben. Am Donnerstag hat er mir schon die Beta mit dem neuen Feature zugeschickt.
Jetzt ist das Programm aus meiner Sicht perfekt, obwohl ich nicht mal alle Möglichkeiten nutze.

Fazit: Programm top, Support top!

Lytz1 ,

Must-try app for heavy-duty computer users with problems in their mouse-hand.

I work daily professionally at the computer since over 20 years. Dwell Click helped me to
drastilcally improve my problems with my mousehand. It helps your hand to stay relaxed for a fraction of other hardware options.

It needs some time to get used to but well worth it. You also will finetune it at some point to your specific needs.
Also I recommend using ay least one keyboard shortcut for turning DC on/off.
(Sometimes it indeed gets in the way of things.)

But especally when you start to get problems in your mouse hand you really should at least try it.
(There is a point where it’s too late though… at that point I’d reccomend things like the Contour RollerMouse, which I was nearly sold on
until I stumbled upon this little 10 buck App here…)


(I should add that I use it on OSX Sierra 10.13.6 without any problems in contrast to other apps which you buy just to find out that they don’t work at all
anymore on your operating system.)


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