Practical app to improve your staff safety key-indicators.

Adequate safety visits/observations save lives, protect your workers, help your company to maintain and improve the work performance in safety process.

These visits are designed to reinforce and improve the implementation of safety standards, but also help identify work practices and behaviors that might be unsafe.

The essence of the visits is to improve safety communication. These visits result in a better understanding, trust and safety culture settlement of the staff visited

The safety culture of supervisors and managers who carry out the visits is reinforced.
With all this in mind, these tips are meant to make a good visit / observation by staff:
1.- Allow time in your diary for regular safety visits
2.- Prepare for the visit before you go out on site
3.- Remember to look out for good (positive) and bad ( negative) safety behaviors
4.- Always introduce yourself and explain the purpose of your visit
5.- Keep questions open to stimulate others to think about their safety
6.- Always consider the environment and work being undertaken in totality
7.- Finish the discussion with an agreement on future behaviors
8.- Conclude the safety visit by thanking the employee(s) for their time
9.- Keep good records of the visit so other can learn

You can check in this public link the benefits of safety.

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